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Peanuts #1 Review

A review of the new series Peanuts #1 by BOOM! Studios.

How to Find Vintage Christian Books

Vintage Christian books are a true delight. They show how the world has changed religiously and they can even show the devotions and thoughts of their previous owners through notes in the margins.Finding vintage Christian books can be challenging, but looking in the right places can help.

Effective copywriting Tips

When working as an Internet marketer copywriting is a very good skill to have. Your product sales will sky rocket. For a good copy to be written many factors should be kept in mind in ...

How to Make Dissapearing Ink

Many children and adults remember purchasing small bottles of blue liquid from the circus, labeled as disappearing ink. The toy was meant as a gag: an inky solution to squirt on your classmates or parents and scare the person into thinking the ink would stain his clothing. However, shortly after exp

Jess Smart Smiley Interview

Read an interview with Jess Smart Smiley, author and artist behind Upside Down: A Vampire Tale.

How To Fire Up Your Motivation To Finish Your Novel

If you've ever thought about writing a novel, you aren't alone. Many people feel they've got some kind of story in them that the world must know. Just walking into a book store gives them ...

How to Join the Mystery Guild Book Club

The Mystery Guild Book Club provides members with the opportunity to purchase mystery books at up to 60% off the publishers prices. Types of books featured include true crime novels, legal thrillers, murder mysteries, and police procedural. When you sign up, you receive your first five books for $0.

John Russell and Power4Home Energy Guide

Following seeking renewable energy sources to cut down your energy costs, and coming across home renewable power systems costing thousands of collars, you would most in all probability have lost house in obtaining the answer ...

How to Format a Story Synopsis for an Editor

When formatting a synopsis there is one piece of advice that should be followed to the exclusion of all others: Follow the guidelines as offered by the editor, agent, or agency requesting your material. Matters of length, font, spacing and margin should be dictated first by the entity looking forwar

How to Produce Ink

When you are writing letters, it's nice to have a fountain pen from which ink flows freely. However, if your ink is too thick or of low quality, it won't flow as it should, leaving your handwritten notes looking sloppy. You can remedy this by producing your own ink at home. It may take longer than p

Johnny Blaze Hand Flame

A gallery of the upcoming Ghost Rider film, starring Nicolas Cage. Ghost Rider tells the story of Johnny Blaze, a stunt motorcyle rider who sells his soul to protect a loved one and ends up becoming a spirit of vengeance.

Mobile Application Development - Current Technologies

Several companies accomplish considerable benefits by making use of mobile engineering - including these in both industrial and commercial markets. Deploying applications to cellular users requires a distinctive set of problems and selections.The complexity of ...

How to Sell Hollywood The TV/Film Rights For Your Book

Hollywood may seem like an endless fount of new ideas, but many blockbuster films are actually based on books. Buying the rights for published books gives television and film publishers the security of knowing the work has already been vetted by professionals. However, some producers also take on un