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Some Easy Guitar Song To Learn

Easy guitar songs initiate proper pacing and rhythm enabling the beginner to learn to play the guitar easier.As the old adage goes, music is the language of the soulit can speaks what words cannot reveal. No wonder most people would love to hear and learn to play musical instruments such as the guit

How to Use Auto-Tune in a Performance

Auto-tune is an audio processor created by Antares Audio Technologies. Thepitch correction tool used to bring out-of-tune notes into tune. It is typically used as a post-production effect to correct a recorded performance. However, artists including Kanye West, T Pain and Cher have used

Music - The Life Of The Universe

Music is truly the Life of the Universe. When we think about music the first thought that runs through our mind is the soothing effect it has on our minds.

Things To Remember If You Want To Be A Professional Guitarist

Let's face it. It is great to have a hobby, but in today's times you cannot really give a lot of time to your hobby if you also have to run a house, take care of the needs of your spouse and children and meet all your aspirations. Hence I have always believed that you should make your hobb

The Sound Pressure Level Meter and You

If you've ever lived in an apartment complex, or in a college dorm for that matter, it's almost a given that at some point, you've had to deal with noise neighbors. Loud footsteps, late night vacuuming sprees, noisy parties and of course, sound systems loud enough to break your window

Cultures of Improvisation

Improvisation has been the norm in most cultures throughout most of human history. Nowadays, though, improvisation is largely associated with jazz, and its antithesis is Britney Spears at one end of the spectrum and a classical symphony at the other. Improvisation -- that foundation of the musical i

How to Play a Guitar - Your 4 Step Beginner's Guide

When learning how to play a guitar there are some basic requirements you need to consider. What type of guitar would you like to learn to play on? What style of guitar playing would interest you? Would you like to take a beginner guitar lesson one on one with a personal teacher or perhaps you like t

How to Use an Electric Guitar Tuner

One of the most frustrating parts of learning how to play guitar is tuning the instrument. If it is not tuned properly, it will not sound good, even if you are playing everything correctly. This is where electronic tuners come in. These small devices allow guitarists to perfectly tune their instrume

Playlist: Rolling Stones: Before the Tongue

The ultimate playlist of the Rolling Stones' British Invasion years, from Chicago blues and R&B to chamber pop and psychedelia. Written and compiled by your Oldies Guide at

Alesana - The Thespian Review

Alesana's new single, "The Thespian," follows in suit of a typical Post-Hardcore single. Typically, it contains a lot of different parts that you can actually do without, but that's always been a part of the style, so it's justified.

Finding The Best Francisco Musical Instrument Store

The here are 8,661 retail music stores in the United States at the present time. Some of San Francisco Musical Instrument Store is full-service stores stocking band instruments, keyboards, fretted instruments, percussion, sheet music, amplifiers, ...

How To Be A Singer

Most people admire people who are able to sing. While singing is usually a recreational activity for most of us, some people take it seriously. One must always strive and look for ways on how to be a

Having a Mini Home Recording Studio

People who love music might have already dreamed of having their own home recording studio at least once. Of course, it would really be a good thing to record a song especially if that person wrote an original song and would like to try his hand at having his own song put to life. However, having a

Learn to Play Guitar - Quick and Simple

A comprehensive guide of what to expect once you've decided to learn to play guitar. Information about the types of guitar you can start with, what your first lesson or two might be about and some helpful tips on how to prepare before you get started as a new guitarist.