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Canvas Printing For Artists

The works of great masters that were immortalized in canvas now hang in museums and private collections around the world. They have inspired awe and given joy to countless of people. While you may not yet be a master, you too can immortalize your own works of art on canvas. All you need are ideas.

How to Choose the Perfect Cronulla Wedding Photographer?

Wedding photography is a field where you can find professionals and hobbyists engaged in the work. When you want to hire a wedding photographer, you need to ensure that you choose a photographer who gives ...

Three Great Benefits of Learning to Master Oil Painting

I'm sure the first thing you think of when you think of "fine art" is oil painting, but have you thought of learning to paint with oils? It isn't as difficult as you imagined. Here are three benefits of mastering the fine art of oil painting.

The Beginner's Guide to Computer Animation - 3D Animation Software

Anyone that enjoys art and loves cartoons will most likely be intrigued with animation and find computer animation fascinating. Animation came alive with 2D animation then moved on into 3D, which has now become the way of the animation world. It would never have evolved to this point without the suc

Faux Finish is Decor Paintings for Churches

Creating a classy flair to a Church can be very daunting for any Holy place like Churches. Churches often think that redecorating involves big expenses and a lot of hassles. But did you know that ...

How to Make a Video - A Crash Course

Ok, so you have an old camera from a parent or friend, or you've just purchased a new or used camera. Now you want to create something - a funny video, a short film, a school project, or a documentary on a subject you care about. But after your big purchase, that savings account might be a litt

The Painter's Brush

Painters need two kinds of brushes. One is stiff and the other is soft.A painter usually has a range of sizes for both types of brushes.

Artistic Aspirations in Home Decorating

Your home is a canvas, a blank landscape across which you can creative an interactive art, a form of imagination which you can actually embed yourself in, which you can use to influence the nature of the events that happen in your life. It is highly personal, and yet so public that guests will actua

Make A 3D Model Pop Out From The Background

To make a 3D model pop out, we can use a variety of "kicker" lights to highlight the edges of the model. One of the best examples of this is to create a top light, or a light that is directly above the model. Look at the top of the skull.

How to Paint Using Watercolor - Wet Into Wet Techniques

On a cold day in February several artist gathered to learn to paint with watercolors. The wet into wet technique. As they gathered, looking and commenting on the picture they were to paint, they were talking about how easy and simple the painting class would be on that day.

Autographed Movie Posters As Art

When a movie comes out they create posters as promotional items to help promote the movie, getting these movie posters autographed makes them art and add value to your collection. This article introduces how you can collect posters to make your memorabilia collection valuable.

FM Vs Postscript Screening

A comparison of different screening techniques for use in the screenprinting industry.A response to feedback from a previous article 'Screenprinting Halftone Dots - A User Guide'.

Reasons Why People Do and Love Art

If words were enough to express all that we felt inside then there would be no reason to paint or so according to Edward Hopper, a famous American realist painter and printmaker. People do art ...

How to Draw Caricatures

Many people want to learn how to draw. And a popular cartooning expertise is how to draw caricatures. How to draw caricature, starts with a love for drawing faces. There are many books that show how to draw people. I really enjoy the Jack Hamm books; they give you multiple ideas and techniques in dr

Importance of Size in Your Greeting Cards

"It's not the size mate, it's how you use it." This famous quote is referenced to several things in life and is no exception when it comes to a well crafted greeting card. The standard piece of greeting card paper is 8.5" by 11." And then folded and turned into a card i

Paintings - Beginning, Evolution and Popularity

Painting was the earliest art form which man took interest in. Certain cave paintings done in prehistoric era in France, Mexico and India bear the testimony of this fact.

Save Old or Damaged Photo

The principal photographic prints were ordinarily dependent upon fantastic material cloth papers. The cloth paper was covered with fluid holding gelatine, and once the gelatine had stabilized the picture could have a long life time. ...