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Finding Mr, Mrs, Or Ms Right - Believe In You First

Do you believe you are worthy of being loved? Finding Mr. Mrs. Ms. Right begins with you believing that there is one person in this world just waiting to love you. It is important to know who you are, what your values are, what your beliefs are, and what it means to you to be in a relationship. You

Believing Love Will Come

I was never doubting, I have always known it will happen and it will happen soon. I was just 100% positive about it.

Divorce Property - Fair Division

One of the reasons why plenty of divorces are described to be messy is because of divorce property issues. One party may not be amenable to giving half of the divorce property to their spouse, which of course, the other party contests. In this instance, each party has its own definition of what is f

Merits and Demerits of Free Love

Free love is a very radical idea and it was started by activists of the free love movement in the nineteenth century. This is a movement that advocates for free love. According to them, people should be free to love and, interference of the church and state should not come between the unions of peop

Why Premarital Counseling Sessions Are a Good Idea

Premartial counseling can help you and your fiance deal with issues in your relationship and the stresses of being married. Premarital counseling will help you finding the right ways to keep your marriage going. You will learn how best to communicate, how to share concerns and issues with your partn

How to Fix a Credit Report After a Divorce

When a couple is married, they often hold joint accounts, such as savings, credit cards and mortgages. This links their credit scores together. If you've just gone through a divorce, your credit may be in shambles. Sometimes, one partner will run up a huge credit card bill, deplete the equity in the

A man's guide to Giving Flowers for their Woman

Flowers are best way to express your feelings towards a certain person, especially if that person is very special in your heart. In times like this, you wanted to give all that pleases her and ...

Marriage Compatibility Based on Date of Birth

The Life Path number is thought by some to be an indicator of personality, temperament, talent and other traits, both positive and negative. Calculated from the date of birth, numerologists and astrologists use the number to determine a person's journey through life.

Your Engagement Ring Selection Guide

There's no better way to make the woman you love feel like she's on top of the world than to give her an engagement ring that's as unique and special as she. This one act signifies the beginning of a whole new chapter in both of your lives, so making the right choice in choosing an en

Why I Think True Love is Rare

The question is does true love really exists or is it just a facade in some people's mind and as a fact it really does not exist? The answer to that is so varied. Everyone has got his or her on idea of love. If you meet with someone who has been hurt broken so many times and they even stopped c