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Cliffside Malibu: A Gracious Portal to the Journey Home

From the moment my bare feet touched the earth of Cliffside Malibu, a luxury treatment facility, I knew I was in the garden of centered souls. Unencumbered by my ridiculous choice of stilettos, I was very ...

Contracting Alcoholism And Drug Treatment For Employees

Because of alcohol’s availability and consumption, many people find that one drink can lead to another, and other, and eventually to addiction.The first concern for many is how it will affect their job if an employer finds out.

E CigaretteThe Healthy Way To Smoking Pleasure

With the advent of Electric Cigarette, government and health organizations have an alternative vehicle in their crusade to eradicate tobacco addiction among the people of Australia. E Cigarette can help them introduce smokers to a better choice to gradually and eventually quit smoking altogether.


Definition of Al-Anon from the Alcoholism Glossary.

Drinking Alcohol Increases Physical Violence

Men who drink alcohol and have a predisposition for physical violence toward their female partners are more likely to be violent on the days they drink alcohol, according to a study.

Smoking Fact - Nicotine Has Great Health Benefits

Nicotine is medially proven to good for you and if you understand why, then it can be the key to you stopping smoking for good. The role of Nicotine in smoking is misunderstood, when you know the facts giving up is far easier andhere's why:

A Few Reasons To Quit Smoking

Many smokers know all the reasons why they should quit smoking. Yet many keep on smoking. What do you tell them to convince them to quit smoking?

Results From Cigarette Smoking

Smoking is seen in several diverse pictures which can be cultural or social. These images appear to be a single of self-confidence, enjoyment, relaxation and glamor. The one truth which isn't portrayed is that on the consequences of cigarette smoking does for you.

"I quit smoking on August 21, 2005"

I quit smoking, as I said, on August 21, 2005, and yes, there were some bad days in the beginning, but I have had the means, the determination and the opportunity to choose Life because of my stroke.

Uncommon Useful Drugs That Are Abused by the Society - Drug Abuse

In this article, I have presented a short overview of the common drugs and their misuses in the society. Drug Abuse is a major stigma the world is fighting back and surely this article will provide you a brief understanding of what and which drugs are used worldwide.

Do Addiction Interventions Really Work?

This article is going to be touching on the topic of addiction interventions. Addiction interventions are given the reputation of saving many lives when done correctly, but do they really work? We will explore if addiction interventions really work in this article.

The War On DrugsCounterfeits And Imitations

The fight against imitation drugs is an integral part of the United States government’s War on Drugs.Since counterfeiting common illegal substances has proven effective for many drug dealers, significant resources are spent at home and abroad every year to fight the manufacture and sale of the