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How to Hot Comb Black Hair

Although many black women straighten their hair with chemicals, others use hot combs. A hot comb is a metal comb that uses heat to temporarily straighten Afro-textured hair--a process known as thermal straightening or pressing. Unlike chemically relaxed hair, which stays straight permanently, a pres

Basic Trousers

Do you have a new job? Are you headed out on a special work event this fall? Take a look at these dressier selections for work and for cocktail events that I've found in plus-size online shops.

Best Eye Cream For Dark Circles

We do talk a lot about eye cream. But, do we really know what an ideal eye cream for dark circles should be like?

Z Zegna Fall 2007

Z Zegna is the more contemporary, slimmer fitting line of the classic Italian Ermenegeldo Zegna label. It is one of my favorites because it is less expensive than its signature line and appeals to a younger consumer. In my opinion, the whole line is ageless. Fall 2007 was the label's first runw

Madonna Bracelets

Madonna wore a stack of bracelets on her wrist when she attended the Venice Film Festival premiere of her film, 'W.E.'

A History Of Cosmetics, Part 1

It might seem like women's make-up is a fairly modern social norm, but the practice of cosmetics is a really old concept. Here is some history behind why women are always having to wear make-up now.

Beauty Tips for a Rock Concert

If you have ever been to a concert, no matter what genre the band may fall under, it's always hard to decide what your makeup and beauty routine should be. No matter the location or band there certain beauty tips that everyone can use for all concert occasions, rock concert or not.

Nail Experts Strong Results Directions

Revitalize soft, weak nails using the Nail Experts Strong Results nail complex. The complex is designed to help brittle, thin and peeling nails become stronger. Besides applying the complex to the hand, you should also understand why your nails are breaking or peeling. According to MSN Health repor

Revlon's exciting new lip balm stain

Revlon has always been a leader in the cosmetic industry. It is said to dominate around 22% of the total market and is still very popular as a drug store product. It gives people the opportunity to ge

How to Use Cabochon Stones

Cabochon stones are any gemstones that are oval in shape and flat on the bottom. They are cut in this manner so they can easily fit into any type of jewelry. They are also commonly used in crystal healing practices. In these healing procedures, cabochon stones are laid on specific areas of the body

Makeup Tips for Freckled Faces

It used to be the case that people with freckles would do anything to cover up these tiny facial blemishes. Today, however, freckles are in and fair-skinned people are using makeup that accentuates their freckles rather than hides them. Choosing the right makeup to complement your freckles and your

The Top 5 Reccomended Womens And Mens Fragrances

In Today's society smelling nice and having the right scent is at the upmost of importance. But finding the right fragrance to suite is not always that simple. This is a list of the top 5 recomended women's and men's fragrances from across the net.

DIY Fascinator Feather Comb

Fascinators are a high-fashion cross between a hat and headband typically embellished with flowers, netting, ribbon or gems. A fascinator is a striking accessory that is conveniently straightforward in composition. These small accessories often carry hefty price tags. However, you can make fascinato

How to Get a Scaffold Piercing

Scaffold piercings, which involve double-piercing the cartilage of your ear, offer a way to truly stand out from the crowd. However, not only are scaffold piercings more likely to get infected and more likely to be painful than earlobe piercings, they also require more specifications and more follow

Ten Hot Ways to Prepare Your Skin For Summer

Bye-bye baggy sweater, and hello bikini! Summer is just around the corner, which means it's time to show some skin. But before you bare it all, you want to make sure your skin is healthy and beautiful from head to toe.

How to Make a Distressed T-Shirt

Don't pay a high price for a distressed T-shirt when you can make one yourself. Get a T-shirt from a thrift store, or grab one from your closet, and have fun with making it distressed your way. Doing it yourself gives you the ability to control the amount of wear and tear you want on your T-shirt an

How to Cut a Hip Shag

Shag haircuts have a very edgy, messed-to-perfection look about them. While they can be done on any texture of hair, they are most easily styled on naturally straight hair. Hair textures that are not naturally straight will require styling to create that piecy look that shag haircuts are famous for.