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4 Ways Office Water Dispensers Create A Better Work Environment

As the administrator of an office, one of your jobs is to create the best work environment possible for the employees. When you are considering the presence of food and beverages, office water dispensers are one of the first things you should consider adding to improve the work environment. They hav

Using a Portable Paramedic Blood Warmer: Frequently Asked Questions

Only recently have Emergency Medical Service (EMS) crews started to use portable IV warmers to treat injury victims. IV warmers have been around for decades, but for most of their existence, they required an electrical outlet to function. Battery power was not an option.

Important Head Lice Facts That You Have to Know

What are head lice? They are tiny crawling insects seen on human scalp, grey colored parasites that feed on human blood for survival and strength. Female adult louse lays about 8 nits on the average per day and feed as many as five times during the day. Normally head lice has 30 days egg to egg life

Head Lice Home Remedies That Work

Head lice are a problem that many parents encounter at least once during their child's school years. Of course, parents understand that it's necessary to treat the problem immediately; the trouble is, many parents don't know which treatments are the right treatments to use.

There Are Several Alternative Treatments Available To Treat Nail Fungus

There are several alternative treatments that have been proven effective against toenail fungus infections. The advantage of using alternative treatments is that they dont have the unpleasant side effects that are often associated with prescription medications. Some of the oral prescription medicati

Top Home Remedies For Kids

Most children at some point in their life will be struck by a problem; this is a sad reality that cannot be avoided. Trying to find the best home remedies that are suitable for children is not always easy; the sensitive little bodies sometimes find that home remedies are not always agreeable.

Hospital AC Units

Initial building costs like those associated with installing hospital air conditioning units and hospital ventilation systems can make up about 10% of total building expenses over the first 40 years. You may be surprised to learn that operational costs, like running your hospital HVAC system can acc

HIPAA Omnibus Rule

New ruling for HIPAA came out with new requirements that had to be met by late 2013 and some requirements in 2014. If you have not met the requirements, this article will explain the new requirements.

Increase in the Requirement of Retirement Centers

Since the Baby Boomers are growing older every new day, there is a lot of care needed for the health of these seniors. This results in the increase in the requirement of retirement centers, etc.

Medicine Outside Of The Clinical Box

Prevention & Its Many Faces Three levels of prevention exist in community health care: primary, secondary, and tertiary. Prevention is a pivotal part of community health care and is key to individual care as it can be modified to meet a variety of health concerns. - Primary prevention often aim

Why You Should Choose Online Medical Transcription Services?

Medical transcription is a popular allied health care service which involves the process of converting voice recorded reports into text format. This format can be printed and placed in files or can also be retained in electronic format.

Conquering The Medicaid Application Part 2

Income Trust For a Medicaid recipient, Colorado imposes a cap on gross income for purposes of Medicaid eligibility. This amount of this cap changes each year. For 2010, the income cap is $2,022 per month in total gross income.

5 Sinus Infection Symptoms You Should Know About - Nurse's Secrets

If you're prone to getting sinus infections from time to time you may want to be aware of some of the symptoms you most likely will experience. You may experience some of these, most of these or all of these but these 5 sinus symptoms are the ones you will most likely suffer from.

It's Your Health - Who Can You Trust?

Michael Jackson had major problems brought on by a combination of pain, sleeplessness, and a history of prescription pain medication abuse. He trusted his doctors. Can you trust your doctor?

How To Clean Surgical Instruments Manually And Using An Ultrasonic Machine

There are various different methods that technicians in hospitals can adopt to ensure that the surgical instruments are always well kept and impeccably clean. Out of all the methods available for cleaning surgery instruments, the method involving ultrasonic cleaning is the most preferable one becaus