How Red Wine Helps the Heart

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Let's Talk About Your Heart

Almost 14 million Americans have a history of heart attack or angina. It's now among the leading causes of death in the United States of America. More than 1 million Americans have heart attacks every year.

Cholesterol Tests Explained

When you get your cholesterol test results, the figures can be confusing. Even worse, if they are not explained properly they can be misleading; either giving you a false sense of security or even telling you there is a problem when there is not.

Have a Healthy Heart

Heart disease is the number one killer of women and the American Heart Association has named February American Heart Month.Dedicate yourself to taking care of your own heart this year by following some simple advice.

Medical History and Physical Exam for a Fast Heart Rate

A medical history and physical examination are routinely used to evaluate an illness or disease. A medical history and physical exam can often reveal as much or more than many diagnostic lab tests because they help uncover important clues about your illness. The medical history and physical exam wil

Technology in Heart Surgeries

If you are in need of cardiothoracic surgery there are places using the latest in technology that help speed up your recover and improve your chances of less trauma to your body. The name of this technology is the da Vinci robot and it is one of the latest developments in surgical technology.

Trimming the Fat on Heart Disease

Learn the predominant reasons behind the exponential increase in heart disease cases over the last two decades. Heart disease is the #1 killer in the United States and about once every minute, someone will suffer from a heart attack. These simple tips will help a heart keep smiling.

Heart Attack Symptoms for Women - No Chest Pain?

Have you known any men who had heart attacks? How about women? The research shows that they could look very different from each other. According to a recent study by the National Institute of Health (NIH), women are less likely to have "classic" symptoms during a heart attack. Read on to f

Using Herbs For High Blood Pressure

For the millions of people who suffer from high blood pressure, finding a way to successfully manage the condition is of paramount concern. Many begin with a strident diet and exercise program in which food with excessive salt, fat, and preservatives are all but eliminated along with nicotine, exces

Atrial Fibrillation - Causes And Treatments

Find out about the causes and treatments of the heart condition Atrial Fibrillation. This article will explore many of the popular theories of treatment and how it occurs.

Adolescent Diseases that Cause Heart Failure

The heart performs the important function of delivering oxygen and nutrients to the various parts of the body. Heart failure is a condition where the heart fails to pump the blood at an optimal level. Adolescent diseases can result in heart failure by causing overcirculation in the heart or heart pu

The Heart Disease Tragedy

We hear a lot about heart disease.It has been a problem that has been faced by scientists and health professionals over many decades. We can be forgiven for thinking that with all the attention it has received and all the money that has been spent in trying to find treatments and cures that the prob

LDL Cholesterol - What is Low Density Lipoprotein?

LDL cholesterol stands for low-density lipoprotein, which is a form of lipoprotein that moves triglycerides and cholesterol to peripheral tissues, from the liver. It is at times given the nickname of "bad cholesterol."

How the Heart Works-Topic Overview

The heart is at the center of your circulatory system,which is a network of blood vessels that delivers blood to every part of your body. Blood carries oxygen and other important nutrients that all body organs need to stay healthy and to work properly. Your heart is a muscle,and its job is to pump b

FDA Advisory Panel Backs Xarelto to Prevent Strokes

An FDA advisory panel has voted to recommend approval of a new blood thinner to prevent strokes and dangerous blood clots in patients with the heart rhythm disorder atrial fibrillation.