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A Plan To Replace The Affordable Care Act

The problem with the Affordable Care Act (ACA, aka Obamacare) begins at its core when it mixes up health insurance with health care. Health Insurance isn't Health Care, period. Because it isn't, the cost of health care cannot be controlled by controlling the cost of health insurance.

Maine Car Insurance Laws

Every state has its own laws regarding automobile insurance. In Maine, insurance laws dictate the amount of coverage drivers must carry, who pays for the damage when an accident occurs, and even how insurance companies determine insurance rates.

Your Health Insurance Choice

If you are in a social gathering for even a short period of time, the topic will inevitably turn to how bad someone's health insurance is. They may have a high deductible, poor coverage, a high premium, or more.

Reinstatement Limitations Under FMLA

The Family Medical Leave Act, or FMLA, allows you to take up to 12 weeks of unpaid leave from your job to help care for yourself, a child or other relative. Upon return from FMLA leave, you must be reinstated to the same or equivalent position that you were working prior to FMLA leave.

Health Insurance - How to Find Affordable Coverage

Buying health insurance can be a very stressful process. There are so many insurance companies and plans on the market that choosing the best one that fits your needs feels like an impossible task. Add to it the fact that, due to the economic downturn, you may not have as much money as you once did.

Buying the Right Medical Insurance Online

Don't you think at times about getting financially secured for your health? You must have come across health related emergencies faced by your friends, neighbours, relatives; health inconvenience might have even shown its veneer in your family.

Affordable Health Insurance Texas - Simple Ways To Save Much

There are popular name brands in the pharmaceutical industry. If you buy brand name drugs, your rates will go up. But did you know that generic drugs are required by law to have the same active ingredients as brand name drugs? Where they can have any difference is in the inactive ingredients. This s

Affordable, Low Cost Health Insurance

There are several ways you can obtain affordable, low cost health insurance.If youre employed, your employer may offer a group health insurance plan for employees.Married individuals can usually opt to be covered under their spouses health insurance their children can be covered, too.If you belong

Health Insurance For Small Business Owners - Guaranteeing Protection

Finding affordable health insurance for entrepreneurs or small businesses can be very difficult. We details what to look for, how to select a plan that meets your needs and how to save money using an easy-to-use website that allows you to compare and dissect small business health insurance plans.

Buying Individual Health Insurance For Your Children

The whole point of buying a good healthcare insurance plan for your child is that you know in case of any mishap, illness or accident, your child will be eligible for immediate, emergency care without a hassle, and in private hospitalized or clinical care. This allows parents to face daily life in p

Health Insurance - Your Family Can Get More For Less

You are committed to your family so much that you have made up your mind to give them the very best protection. And since health insurance is one way to do that, you've taken your time to get them the very best. Notwithstanding such an impressive commitment you'll appreciate any tip that w

Employee Medical Benefits - Showing Concerns For Your Employees

Employee medical benefits are the additional benefits provided to the employees by the company. Every employee thinks to secure his future without any fear and by choosing variety of medical benefits; he can get rid of such fear. To run any business..

Missouri Health Insurance Regulations

Understand the special provisions in Missouri's health insurance laws.much of green pills image by Maria Brzostowska from Fotolia.comHealth insurance is a personal contract between you and an insurance company. The insurance company provides insurance services in exchange for the payment...

How Does Life Insurance Differ From Other Insurance?

Life insurance is a common type of insurance that people buy in order to insure their families and survivors in the event of their death. People can either buy life insurance for themselves or for other members of their family. Upon death, the policy pays out a designated amount of money based on th

Computer-Aided Coaching for the Chiropractic Office - Billing and Management

The insight and attention of a seasoned coach is a valuable commodity for freshly graduated chiropractic doctors. An automated Internet-based coaching assistance system helps coaches manage their time more effectively and productively, using quantitative data available over the Internet.

Will Long-Term Care Insurance Cover Home Care?

Long-term care insurance plans (LTC) pay for home care and a host of other services that are not covered by Medicaid or regular health insurance. These services are chosen by policy owners to help insureds with daily activities for selected periods of time. LTC insurance plans are bought individuall

What Exactly Is Cheap Group Health Insurance?

Most people are aware of health insurance - what it is and what it can offer them. What about cheap group health insurance? Would you know what this is and how to get it?

Latest Trends in Health Insurance

Most Americans are beneficiaries of healthcare coverage in multiple ways which include private insurance coverage arranged by their employers, coverage purchased on their own and public insurance programs such as Medicare and Medicaid. It is believed that about 160 million Americans enjoy employer-s

Reasons to Buy Individual Health Insurance

We live in uncertain times. No matter how hard we try eventually we all end up having some medical expenses. If we are lucky these expenses are not very severe and we are able to cope with them but sometimes due to bad luck we end up with very high medical bills.