What Are Menstrual Migraines and Why Do They Occur?

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What Is Sciatica?

Whilst many people wrongly think that sciatica means the pain caused when the sciatic nerve is trapped.In fact, it actually refers to the symptoms caused by irritation of the Sciatica nerve rather than a diagnosis of the cause.This point is important as different causes can have different treatments

Getting Relief With Pains

Pain is a big problem in our society and a symptom of a medical condition that interferes with the general functioning of the body. Back pain is among one of the most common problems of the world that affects millions of people. It can be minor, temporary or sustained pain at the back, shoulders or

What UTI Treatments Are Effective and Which Ones Should Be Avoided?

As you browse the thousands of options available in Urinary Tract Infection treatments, (UTI), it is important to bear in mind that there are many products that simply do not work. As with anything these days, you have just as many people trying to rip you off as help you.

The Stages of Migraine

There are four different stages in the development of migraines. Those who are suffering from what is know as classic migraines or migraines with aura are know to go through all of the four stages. On the other hand, those who suffer from common migraines or migraines without aura go through the sam

Sciatic Nerve Pain: What It Is All About

When the sciatica nerve gets inflamed, the symptom is called Sciatica. This is characterized by a sharp pain and some tenderness that runs through the length of the sciatic nerve and straight through the thighs and the legs. Generally, sciatic nerve pain starts at the buttocks or the lower portion o

Spinal Decompression

Spinal decompression can offer nearly miraculous results for people suffering from symptoms related to herniated and/or degenerated spinal discs.The author draws on his years of practice experience to suggest what patients can expect from spinal decompression and the criteria he has found that helps

Ten Natural Remedies For Headache Pain

Head pain getting to you? Wanting to heal your body rather than take another pill? Find out 10 ways to alleviate headache pain with natural solutions.

'Inversion Table Comparisons' - Do They Relieve Back Pain?

The number of people reporting back pain are increasing every year. A part of this can be attributed to the various forms of stress in our daily lives and in part to the constant force of gravity that we face everyday. Find out more ...

Think You Have A Bulged Disc? Dance The Pain Away

After a couple of drinks I achingly got off my chair and started dancing. I really got into the rhythm, and danced the night away. I was also starting to feel better song by song. As the night ended, I sat down with my friends, and didn't even notice that I did not hurt anymore.

Relieve Back Pain With Yoga

How many various remedies have you tried when it comes to exercise programs and medications to relieve back pain. Of all the alternatives available, one of the most popular choices is the gentle exercises of yoga.

Do You Have The Right Spine Doctor?

If you have been suffering from back pain and you have already tried all possible home remedies to get rid of it yet nothing seems to happen, it may be about time for you to consult a doctor. Most back pains are illnesses connecting to the spine which is why it would be best to consult a spine docto