Dealing With Your Child"s Separation Anxiety

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Guilt and the Divorced Parent

Guilt is often a persistent factor of being a parent. Worries and concerns at doing things right and wrong are often there. Being divorced adds extra issues into the mix. Let's look at some of the areas that can cause guilt.

Florida Child Seat Belt Law

Florida has mandatory car seat and seat belt laws for children. According to the National Transportation Safety Board, placing a child in a seat belt and in the back seat is the safest place for them to ride in a car.

Baby Swings - Must Have Gear!

Our babies loved nap time in their swings - very sweet pictures from those days. They got to fall asleep in the room with me which was very relaxing for both of us. When they had a fussy moment, the swing was the spot - and much less expensive than a long drive!

Going Coverless in Cloth Diapers

You may have heard the term "going coverless" quite a bit if you often frequent cloth diapering or natural parenting forums. So what is it?

What Happens When Kids Get on Computers & They Get Bullied?

Children who are bullied online experience cyber bullying. It is a form of bullying that occurs through social networking sites, instant messages and e-mails, and can have long term damaging effects on children. Know what to look for and how to block a bully on the Internet and prevent cyber bullyin

Double Strollers for Baby Transportation

Parents with two young children or twins must use a double stroller. The strollers should be durable, light weighted and spacious so that they can fit in toys, snacks, bags and other needs and necessity ...

Dads Start to Potty Training

When dads start to potty train, using underwear right away will help a child learn the urge to go to the bathroom and avoid getting wet. It may be messy for a while, but by ditching diapers may speed up the process.

The Magic of Bathtime

When you are a parent, you should know your children. This makes things easier in the long run.

Teaching Paper Quilting to Kids

The best way to teach kids about paper quilting is to give them a couple of craft projects to do for this particular activity. All ages can start with a beginning craft to familiarize them with the basics and supplies used. With a little help from you, almost every child from preschool up can handle

Mailing Gifts and Packages to Your Kids

When you're apart from your kids for holidays and birthdays, you'll want to send them an extra special, creative package in the mail. Here are some tips for making the package extra fun to open.

Enjoy Your School Age Grandchildren

Grandparenting school age children is an adventure! Children make huge strides from 5 to 9. Learn what to expect as your grandchildren grow.

Online Games - New Knowledge Base For Kids

Playing online games builds up logic and your kid learn to handle challenges. Let your kid to face some challenge. Sport games and biking games are the most popular categories of online game lovers. Sites that avail you to play these games, provides flash games to you. Flash games are very popular n

Have a Baby Shower After the Baby is Born!

Even if you've already had the baby that doesn't mean you can't still hold a baby shower.If anything having the baby on hand can encourage more guests to show up at the party with lots of needed gift items.Make sure to tell guests on the invitations that this is a post-delivery shower

Are You Speaking My Love Language?

February's almost over, and the month wouldn't be complete without mentioning Love Languages. While relationships are complicated and rarely find an easy fix, there are simple tools that can help us stay connected and keep our eye on maintaining healthy connections. Dr. Gary Chapman's

Teaching Preschool Children to Read

Whether you are you are reading to your child or encouraging her to read on her own, it is important to create an atmosphere that is perfect for quiet activity and learning. Give your child a quiet area in which to focus. During reading time, the area should be free of distractions such as TV, compu

Baby Clothing - "Organic"- Unnecessary Right?

Organic cotton baby clothes are being sought out by health conscious parents. Their concern for the well being of their babies & the benefits for our environment is the motivation for Green Living.New Baby skin ...

How to Punish a Rude Teen When Grounding Doesn't Work

Parenting is a challenge, especially during your child's turbulent teenage years. Rebellion, fights and back-talking can cause a serious divide. Regardless, a rude teen's behavior needs to be addressed and stopped. While grounding is a standard measure, you may find it ineffective. In fact, long bou