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Upper Deck SP Legendary Cuts

From top to bottom, 2006 Upper Deck SP Legendary Cuts delivers with Cut Signatures falling, on average, two per case. There are dual-signature cuts, as well – if you’re lucky enough to pull one of those bad boys!

The Essential Model Railroad Track Plans

While there are many different model railroad track plans you can choose from, there are some which most model railroaders will consider the base models. These track plans are something which most every modeler has built at some point, or has seen built in many different ways. Some prefer to stick t

7 Great Ways to Save Money on Jewelry Supplies

What's better than making jewelry? How about saving money on jewelry supplies while you're doing it? I've made a bunch of happy discoveries in my quest to save money on jewelry supplies and I'm pleased that the challenge has prompted even greater levels of creativity than ever be

The Basics of Cross Stitching

There are not many things you need to get to start this amazing hobby. In fact if you were to get a kit, it would come with everything you need in one package. But if you choose to get a chart there are a few things you need to get before you begin your project.

Introduction and Materials

The ladder stitch is a staple bead weaving stitch and surprisingly easy to do. This is a good stitch for beginners to tackle.

Types of RC Electric Airplanes

Flying RC Electric Airplanes are gaining tremendous popularity as a favorite leisure time activity among people who love to fly planes. RC electric aircraft are a type of radio controlled aircrafts that are operated using a remote control and is powered by batteries. It is very easy to fly RC Electr

A Brief History of Chinese Bronzes

Chinese Bronzes were the pinnacle of ancient Chinese art. They have a long history and the 'golden age' of Chinese Bronzes lasted from over a thousand years from around 1000 BC to 200 AD. This article explores that history.

Knife and Sword Collecting

The knife has come to symbolize to the modern men the essence of survival and the ability to provide all that is needed for survival with one simple and lethal tool. A good knife is indeed better than most material things, it can provide protection and the ability to hunt and prepare food.

Collecting Superhero Action Figures Isn't Just For Kids

Collecting superhero figures is not just for children. Many adults really enjoy searching out and finding original superhero figures from their favorite characters. They look online at places like eBay and other online auction sites bidding on original action figures

Silver Is the Genuine Investment

Whilst it might represent the runner-up position in sport, there is certainly nothing second class about the precious metal silver, unless of course the product in your possession, which you might genuinely believe to be ...

The Phenomenon That Is Called Remote Controlled Helicopter

The remote control helicopter is a phenomenon that is spreading like bush fire in home based play. There are many reasons for the manufacturing of the helicopters but one which cant go unnoticed is for playing reasons or entertainment.

Are You Looking For an RC RTF Helicopter?

Electric Helicopters can be an exciting way to explore radio control helicopter flying. From beginner-very easy to fly to beginner-intermediate to advanced, there are several options to spark your interest. There are coaxial helicopters that fly great the first time you fly or fixed-pitch helicopter

Collectibles - One Man's Treasure

They stood in formation, like sentinels guarding a castle, in their brown, green, or gray uniforms.By nightfall they would be pillaged, many toppled, left in disarray.Their treasures looted, swallowed up by a large mechanical robot, controlled by a human person without heart. Now the master of the c

Lionel and Bachmann Trains Are Leading the Toy Trains Hobby

If you are considering buying a model train set, one of the first choices you have to make is what brand to get. Since model train brands have been known to come and go, it is a good idea to select a popular brand that is more likely to be around for a long time.