How to Install Porch Roof Flashing

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How to Build Closet Headers

Building a new closet is a great way to gain storage space in any room in the house. The door space in a new closet must have a header installed to provide the support needed to hang a door. A closet header is usually constructed of two-by-fours and is secured across the top of the door opening. Bui

How to Connect Steel to Concrete

Steel and concrete have dissimilar properties, and for this reason, steel cannot be placed into wet concrete as a way of connecting the two. Steel moves, expanding and contracting with temperature, while concrete does not. Steel will corrode if wet concrete is poured around it, and therefore over ti

Trowel Trade Tools

The pointing trowel is a common bricklaying tooltruelle et briques image by Claudio Calcagno from Fotolia.comThe trowel is more than a mini-shovel--trowels play an integral role in occupations as diverse as gardening, archaeology, tile work and masonry. Construction trade trowels appear...

How to Divide the Bedroom Area From the Living Room in a Studio Apartment

Studio apartments are a very economical living option. The lower cost stems from the fact that typically, studio apartments consist of only one main room and a separate small bathroom and a kitchen. As a result, this main room has to serve more than one purpose. Separating the zones will ensure that

How to Design a Sustainable Home

Sustainable homes are becoming more popular as the cost of energy is increasing. You can add a variety of options to an existing home to make it more sustainable, or design a new home that is customized based on your needs. When considering an environmentally friendly home, go over everything -- fro

How do I Install 1x1 Tile?

One-by-one tile is tile that is 1 inch by 1 inch square and attached to nylon mesh in 1-foot square segments. It comes in the same materials as other sizes, such as marble, ceramic and glass. Glass 1x1 tile also has paper attached to the tile surface to keep scratches and other damage from the surfa

Glass Block Types

Home owners and builders use glass blocks as an alternative to windows or other building elements such as showers, room partitions, or counter bases. Glass blocks provide privacy, strength, or style while letting light through. Some glass blocks are available that reflect sunlight, increasing the en

How to Apply Sealant on Wall Tile Grout

Grout is a kind of cement that goes between your tiles, bridging the gap and helping protect the wall behind the tiles. Though the grout lines look tough and solid, they are actually the most vulnerable part of a tile wall. All grout is naturally porous, meaning it can absorb moisture and stains. Fo

Why Do My Pella Windows Have Moisture Around the Edges?

Controlling problematic moisture in your home begins with careful inspection for signs that moisture and relative humidity could be too high for comfort. These warning signs -- moisture on windows being one of the most conspicuous -- should serve as an immediate call to action by homeowners to reduc

Tools for Crown Molding

Crown molding adds dimension and character to a room.moulding image by Jim Mills from Fotolia.comCrown molding is an artfully designed panel of wood or plastic that is affixed to the the seam where a wall and ceiling meet. Most molding pieces flare out from the bottom to a finished top...

How to Easily Clean Dirty Bathroom Tiles

Bathroom tiles easily get dirty as they are constantly exposed to dirt, soap scum and mold and mildew buildup. Cleaning bathroom tiles is seldom enjoyable, but when you use natural supplies that do the hard work for you, it becomes much easier. Once your bathroom tiles are clean, use preventive meas

Cheap & Effective Ways to Soundproof a Room

Inexpensive, do-it-yourself soundproofing may seem like a far-fetched notion, but in reality, it is not an impossible task to accomplish. While you will not reach the same level of soundproofing as a professional installation would provide, with a few tricks and some basic knowledge, you can cut dow

How to Get Kitchen Backsplash Ideas

When you are remodeling or building a house kitchen backsplash ideas will enlighten you to all the different possibilities of design for your kitchen decor. Kitchen backsplash ideas can be traditional and classic or contemporary and modern depending upon what your preference is stylistically. Afte

Cabinet Refacing Options

When your kitchen needs an update, it is usually the cabinets that are the first to go. However, next to your appliances, your cabinets are probably the most expensive part of the kitchen to replace. You don't have have to tear out all of your kitchen cabinets to update their look. Instead, reface t

How to Redo Melamine European-Style Kitchen Cabinets

Because European-style kitchen cabinets have no visible frame around their doors, the doors make up the entire visible face of the cabinets. That factor presents an option when you redo the cabinets: Remove the doors and paint only them rather than the entire cabinet. Painting only the doors saves t

How to Install a Tecumseh HH60 Governor

All engines use a governor to regulate the speed of the engine. The governor is a steel or plastic flap bolted next to the flywheel of the engine. When the flywheel starts rotating too fast on your Tecumseh HH60 engine, the governor flap blows away from the flywheel and, via linkage on one end of th

DIY River Rock Floor

When you are refinishing your floor, look beyond the standard flooring materials found at a home improvement store. Consider covering your floor with materials you collect in nature. For example, collect smooth, flat river rocks to create a floor with a beautiful tile-like appearance. You can custom

Painting Wrought Iron Storm Doors

Wrought iron is often used in gates, railings, fences and doors because of its strength and durability, but also because it is often crafted to create decorative designs. Wrought iron does require some upkeep, mainly in the form of painting and rustproofing, to keep it looking beautiful and to preve

How to Repair Interior Tiles Inside Inground Pools

Tiles inside the pool are subjected to factors such as pool chemicals or harsh sunlight, which cause tiles or grout lines to break or wear down over time. If you need to repair pool tiles, it is important to do it as soon as you notice to keep the surrounding tiles from also breaking down. Fixing ti

How to Grout Tumbled Marble Backsplash

Tumbled marble is a beautiful and versatile material, perfect for the kitchen backsplash. Because the way that tumbled marble is made produces tiles that have uneven edges and surface pitting, grouting a tumbled marble backsplash requires additional attention to details. Wide