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How to Decorate Exterior Molding

Decorate your exterior molding to stand out for extra visual interest and curb appeal. Rather than going through the cost of replacing it altogether with something more colorful or decorative, work with what you have and change it to be a cohesive part of the rest of your landscaping or lawn decor.

What Is a Jacuzzi Jetted Tub?

If you are shopping for a new bathtub, often you have many options to choose from that can frankly seem similar and cause confusion. By learning the basics about jetted tubs, you can quickly have a better understanding of how these units work, allowing you to choose the unit that is most suitable fo

How to Clear a Cloudy Swimming Pool With Muriatic Acid

Cloudy pool water is uninviting compared to sparkling, clear pool water. The cause of cloudy pool water is often a pH level that is too high. The pH level indicates the acidity of the water, which affects every chemical balance in the pool. The ideal pH level for pool water is between 7.4 and 7.6. O

How to Clean Antique Brass Finished Handles

Brass is a beautiful choice of decoration to accent any home. Brass finished handles can provide a sophisticated look to any kitchen, living room or dining area in your home. However, brass has a decided downfall when it comes to cleaning: the most damaging material it can be exposed to is air, whic

How to Launder Diesel out of Clothes

The clothes of a mechanic normally will be spotted with diesel fuel stains. Diesel fuel, like gasoline, leaves oily and greasy marks on fabric. To remove the stains completely, use an absorbent such as powder or baking soda to pull the oil from the material. The absorbent does half the cleaning job

How to Paint Wood Structures

Whether you're painting a kitchen chair or a five-bedroom house with wood paneling, the basic principals remain the same. For all their differences, all wooden structures share characteristics that determine the best and worst practices for applying paint. The good news is that even novices can prod

The Best Way to Clean Wooden Kitchen Cabinets

Cleaning wood cabinets is not a difficult process if it is part of your regular routine. Unfortunately, even the best housekeepers may forget to wipe their counters down after every kitchen use. What happens over time is the grease and dirt builds up in the pores of the wood, creating a surface that

How to Clean a Weber One-Touch Grill

In 2010, there were over six million charcoal grills shipped all over the United States, according to a report done by the Hearth, Patio & Barbecue Association. Among these, many were Weber One-Touch grills, due to its simple design and powerful cooking ability. Properly maintaining your One-Touch i

How to Use a Pewter Color to Age Furniture

If you have a piece of modern furniture that does not match your collection of antiques, you can paint the piece to complement your prized older possessions. Give the piece a faux finish to make it look like pewter, which was commonly used in household items hundreds of years ago.

Carpet Beetle Treatment

Carpet beetles like to hide in storage containers or underneath your furniture. These insects can cause great damage to priceless items or family heirlooms. Treatment can be time consuming, as the insects are resilient and their eggs will continue growing into adults unless proper cleaning is perfor

How to Paint Lofts

Having a loft in your home is a smart usage of the space. It allows you to make the most of the vertical space that many people don't often use. You can use the upper loft space for storage, a home office, a mini library or as small spare bedroom, still keeping the space below the loft free for usag

How to Remove Paint From Hardwood Floors

If you are among the many "do-it-yourselfers" who have tried to remove paint from hardwood floors, you know how frustrating a task that can be. With the right tools and a few "tricks," however, the process is simplified. Here are some guidelines that will help you remove paint from hardwood floors.

How to Secure an Outdoor Resin Statue

Resin statuary is a less expensive alternative to heavy cement or stone models. Resin is fairly durable and lends itself well to high detail and a number of finishes. The light material is easy to move, but it can also have a downside. Wind, rambunctious children or accidents can easily topple light

Foods With Ground Flax Seed

Nutritious flax seeds can be added to a variety of recipes.flax seeds close-up image by Konstantin Sutyagin from Fotolia.comFlax seeds, which have a nutty flavor, can be ground and added to homemade baked goods. Flax seeds contain essential nutrients, protein and a healthy dose of omega-3...

Common Household Disinfectants

Household disinfectants come in a variety of potencies and cleaner image by Randy McKown from Fotolia.comHousehold disinfectants are used to clean, disinfect and eliminate odors within your home. There are several different types of household disinfectants available on the...

How to Arrange a Towel Closet

No matter how often we straighten up, the towel closet frequently bears a stronger resemblance to the laundry basket than to a storage cupboard. One of the difficulties is that towels are most often grabbed hastily when needed. The grabber's goal is to get dry, not get organized. Several strategies

How to Paint a Lace Effect on a Dresser

To give your old dresser new life in just an hour, all you need is a lacy faux finish. This process can be done by someone with very little artistic and decorating skill: there's no need to strip off old paint, and stencils do all of the design work. The supplies you'll need can be bought at most de

Why Should I Use Green Cleaning Products?

Store shelves are stocked with cleaning solutions advertised as "green," "natural" and "eco-friendly," capitalizing on consumers' environmental consciousness. In addition to the commercially-packed products, you can use natural cleaning and cooking ingredients to make your own powerful and green cle

How to Get Scuffs Out of Timberlands

Timberland boots are the go-to brand for those who love the outdoors. They are durable, sturdy, and can hold steady in mud, snow, sleet and gravel. While some of these boots are scuff-proof, other styles are susceptible to the elements. Timberland sells its own special brand of scuff removal and cl