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Lawn Ornaments That Beautify Your Porch

If you have a porch and don't know how to decorate it, try adding some outdoor style to it using lawn ornaments. They can range from wind spinners and wind chimes for at or above eye level decor to flower pots, stands and garden statues at waist or floor level. There are even garden plaques you

Repair to the Comfort of Your Outdoor Furniture

Just as we all have our favorite chairs and sofas to sit on in our living rooms, we also have pieces of outdoor furniture that we prefer over all of the rest. Whether it's a patio chair, porch swing, glider, lounge chair, or rocker, it's a faithful, comfortable companion that just seems to

Yubel Deck Ideas

Yubel is a Fiend-type creature in the "Yu-Gi-Oh!" card game that cannot be removed from the game field by conventional battle damage. A deck that is built around Yubel can use this monster to prevent damage or as a means to summon a more powerful form of Yubel. Your Yubel deck may be...

How to String a Line for a Fence

Knowing the ins and outs of stringing a fence line means the difference between installing a straight, even fence and a crooked one. A fence string line is nothing more than a string stretched between corner posts; this string serves the purpose of providing a guide when you install the line posts o

Information on Craftsman Lathes

Craftsman is the brand label for Sears tools. Craftsman produces a variety of tools in a number of models. As of 2011, Sears carries three models of Craftsman wood-turning lathes. They vary from the bench-top, 15-inch lathe to the mini-lathe used primarily to turn small items such as pen and mechani

Landscaping Ideas For Your Front Yard

Imagine your front yard as a place where you show the world what you think. An apple tree in bloom, a living tree chair sprouting flowers. Imagine a mandala of colored stones that never need watering or mowing.

Video: How to Plant Camellias in Pots

Video Transcript This is Nicholas Staddon with Monrovia Nursery. Today, we are going to talk about how to plant camellias in pots. Container gardening goes from strength to strength. And one of the opportunities it gives me is to use my favorite plant, the queens of the gardens, the...

St. Augustine Grass & Fungus

St. Augustine grass thrives in summer heat and tolerates mild winters. It also produces a green lawn with modest maintenance requirements, so it's popular for lawns throughout the South. Though it's suited to moist conditions, it can develop fungus infestations.

Do it Yourself Landscape Design

Give your home a lovely and inviting appearance with a do-it-yourself approach to landscape design. Advance planning and basic gardening knowledge will change an uninspiring lawn into a conversation piece with flowerbeds, garden statues, trellised vines and ornamental grasses. Plant a hedge to shape

Should I Use Mortar With Patio Bricks?

A mortared surface may last longer than a non-mortared one.brick image by Albert Lozano from Fotolia.comUsing Mortar For Patio BricksApplying mortar to a brick patio can give added strength and durability.Stack Em image by Epix from Fotolia.comA mortared brick patio gives a more formal...

How to Make a Garbage Can Composter

Composting is a great way to take kitchen refuse and turn it into new soil. It is also a good way to cut down on garbage taken to landfills. You can make a compost bin from a garbage can that has a sturdy frame and tight cover. A garbage can composter is easy to make and maintain. It is ideal for sm

How to Edge Landscaping

Edging landscaping serves several useful purposes. It creates a more attractive and neat look, which enhances curb appeal. It also keeps the lawn grass from encroaching on the landscaping beds, which can make it more likely for weeds to grow there. For all its benefits, the process is relatively sim

Making a Patio With Concrete Blocks

Concrete block patios have the strength and durability of a poured concrete slab with the texture and design options of a patio laid in separate blocks. Before you create your design or building plan, decide which size concrete block you want to lay. They range in size from 6-by-9 inches to 24-by-24

How to Level a Grass Lawn

Walk across your lawn barefoot and you can easily feel all the lumps and bumps hiding beneath the grass. These are normal and are not cause for concern. However, you may also find a few deeper low-lying areas. These areas become more noticeable when they collect water during a heavy rainfall. Bringi

How to Build a BBQ Grill Smoker

Cooking meat in a BBQ grill smoker is often seen at summer cookouts or while tailgating before a game or concert. Smoking the meat involves cooking it for a longer period of time at a lower temperature than if you grill it. This allows the meat to acquire a smoky flavor from the fuel source, which i

How to Build a Zigzag Fence

Split rail zigzag fences — also called worm or snake fences — were commonly found on American fields and farmlands in the 19th century. Often associated with Civil War battlefields, zigzag fences are ideal for placement on rocky land, or land with hard or shallow soils. A well-built, car


The Longos Landscaping is a company of Long Island Landscape Design and is situated in Long Island, New York. They have been in the business since 1980 from a small lawn maintenance company that have ...