How to Grow Venus Fly Traps Outdoors

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How Far Apart to Plant Pine Trees

Though tree spacing is largely a personal choice in home gardens, proper spacing helps pine trees maintain health as they grow. Gardeners should take into consideration the type of pine tree they are planting, as larger trees will require more space than smaller trees as they mature.

Moss for Full Shade

Mosses are low-growing plants that form carpet-like mats or clumps on forest floors, rocks and even wood. These primeval plants are classified along with liverworts and hornworts as bryophytes, which transfer nutrients from cell to cell through osmosis. Most moss types flourish in moist, dark, shady

Strawberry Varieties That Are Small and Sweet

Because the plants take up little space and produce fruits quickly, strawberries are a good choice for home gardeners. In addition, strawberries are a healthy, sweet fruit, rich in vitamin C and ellagic acid, a cancer-preventing compound. The sweet flavor and versatility of the strawberries, particu

My Double Knock Out Rose Leaves Are Yellow

Rosebushes are large, colorful additions to home gardens and grow in a range of colors and sizes. The Knock Out family of roses grow in contained shrub formations and demonstrate better cold hardiness and disease resistance than standard hybrid teas, floribundas and grandifloras. They still suffer w

How to Manage High-Yield Soybeans

The yield of each soybean plant is determined genetically, but effective management practices will help maximize these yields. Planting rates, pest control, fertilization and harvesting will affect how many bushels each crop produces. It is also important to minimize the number of environmental str

How to Trim a Weeping Crab Apple

Crab apple trees are relatively short trees of 30 feet or less that offer beautiful flowers in the spring. The small apple fruit it produces in the fall is not typically eaten, but does serve to propagate the trees. Varieties of the tree have been developed into weeping trees with longer flowing bra

The Growth Process of a Sunflower

Sunflowers are both an instantly recognizable garden flower and an important agricultural crop. It is a native of North America, and it was probably grown by native people more than a thousand years ago. Although sunflowers are ubiquitous and well known, their unusual structure and vigorous growth h

How Much Can a Weeping Birch Be Pruned Back at Any One Time?

Weeping birch trees are known for their weeping, graceful form. They grow up to 20 feet tall and have a maximum spread of 25 feet, making them an ideal specimen tree. Maintain an annual pruning plan to ensure the weeping birch tree does not become overgrown and is kept looking tidy.

Bonsai & Ikebana

For centuries, the Japanese have created art through nature. Samurai and merchants sculpted meticulously pruned trees to create intricate and often beautiful bonsai. Monks codified rules around arranging flowers and sticks. This became the art of ikebana. Both bonsai and ikebana have made their way

What Are the Treatments for Birch Tree Disease?

Birch trees usually grow to small or medium height. They are easily recognizable due to their paper park marked with the characteristic, dark horizontal lines known as lenticels. There are a number of diseases common to birch trees, but if treated in time, an infected tree can be saved.

Information on Bird Feeders

If you want to observe birds without the hassle of keeping your own bird as a pet, placing a bird feeder near your home is an attractive and inexpensive way to observe the beauty and behavior of your local birds. Regardless of your living situation, there is a bird feeder to meet your needs. For a h

How to Collect Lupine Seeds

Lupine are often seen growing along roadsides and in meadows, but they're also an old-fashioned favorite in the home landscape. With their sturdy stems topped by colorful spikes, lupine can grow to be 3 to 4 feet tall, making them ideal for planting in the back of a flowerbed. Lupine are a legume, a

How to Raise Tomatoes in a Bucket

Container gardening is a space-saving option for people who want to grow vegetables but do not have space for a traditional outdoor garden. Many types of containers are suitable for this type of gardening. Tomatoes, for example, grow quite well in 5-gallon buckets. Start your seeds in small seedling

What Is an Aloe Pup?

An aloe pup is the new growth offset of an adult aloe plant. According to the Cactus & Succulent Society of America, there are more than 400 aloe species and many hybrids. Transplanting pups is one of the most popular ways to grow new stand-alone aloe vera (A. vera barbadensis) plants, one of the mo

White Mold or Scale on Sago Palms

Capable of hiding 2 feet underground within the root system of the Sago palm tree, the Cycad Aulacaspis Scale spreads easily, allowing the wind to carry it for miles to new host trees. The scale attacks the palm, often killing it within 1 year, leaving behind a white, waxy covering.

Germination of Potatoes

The potato is a common vegetable that forms part of the staple diet for most people in the western world. The potato is a hardy and versatile vegetable that grows easily in temperate climates. Germinating and growing a crop of seed potatoes is an easy and rewarding way to enjoy the taste of homegrow

Kopper King Hibiscus Shrubs

Deeply lobed leaves with a dark wine to purple color makes the hybrid hardy hibiscus cultivar Kopper King an ornamental foliage plant for a garden. Even though pink flowers form on this woody-stemmed perennial, gardeners showcase its dark foliage to contrast other summer-blooming perennials and annu

How to Clip Clivia

Clivia (Clivia species) is a South African flowering plant that blooms in late winter after a period of rest. In most of the United States, the climate dictates that the plant grows in a pot. The option lets you put your clivia outside for the summer and back indoors when the temperature drops. The