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Precarious Economy

For the last few years, the world has been experiencing one of the worst economic climates and conditions in recent memory. Worldwide, economies have suffered, more and more people are jobless, and the gap between the "haves" and the "have nots" has widened dramatically. We have

Iraq Study Group Proposes Diplomatic Offensive

In its long-awaited report, the bipartisan Iraq Study Group (ISG) called for the United States to launch a "new diplomatic offensive" aimed at stabilizing Iraq "before December 31, 2006." The diplomatic offensive would involve all of Iraq's neighbors, including Iran and Syri

The Scathing Truth About the AIG Bonuses

What is all this sound and fury over the AIG bonuses? It's the same kind of sound and fury that came with the AIG bailouts--Liberal Democrat and RINO Socialist nonsense.

Mass Murderers Don't Suffer Anguish Over Disobeying Gun Control Laws

Every school and non-school mass shooting in the United States over the past decade has taken place in one of the states in the upper half of the country by strictness of gun control laws, as measured by the Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence. The sole exception was the targeted political assassinat

New Zealand Flag History

New Zealand's flag reflects the country's British origins and its place in the South Pacific, under the Southern Cross constellation. Red stars depict the native Maori; the color is a mark of rank. The blue background marks the maritime blue ensign and the oceans that surround the island nation. Bu

How to Finish a Debate

Debating effectively is an important skill to have in many facets in life, including at work and with your loved one. The key is to learn how to finish a debate without sour feelings for those involved. Your gut may be telling you that you need to get in the last word, but effectively finishing a de

Early Voting Law in Georgia

Georgia is one of 31 states that allow early voting before Election Day, and doesn't require a reason from the voter. Early voting is thought to be beneficial in reducing long lines on Election Day and allows greater access to the polls. However, Georgia's procedures are slightly more complicated th

Jagdish Tytler

First and foremost of all that has been written or said it is essential to draw attention to the fact that the Anti-Sikh Riots of 1984 was a catastrophic aberration, an earthquake that shook, mangled and tortured millions of people, not only in India but nearly the whole world. The Riots of 1984 wil

How to Calculate Murder Per Capita Ratio

Murder per capita is the number of murders per person in a given time in a set area. To calculate, for instance, the murder per capita in Richmond, Virginia for 2009, you need to know how many murders were committed in the area and the average number of people in the city during that year. Turn to l

Corn Dogs And Peanuts

Four years ago, very few of us heard of Mike Huckabee. Two years ago, no one heard of Barbaro until the Kentucky Derby. And, we all know what happened to Barbaro.

Making a Name For Himself

Barack Obama introduced himself to the American public in the 2004 Democratic convention. But the idea of Obama becoming president probably didn't take hold until a few years later.

What Are the Indexes of Leading Economic Indicators?

The Composite Index of Leading Indicators is a group of American economic statistics used to predict future economic trends. It contains the S&P 500 stock index, average hours worked, new jobless claims, new manufacturing orders, delivery and inventory statistics, non-defense capital orders, new res

Where to Get a Copy of a Driving Record?

There are many reasons to obtain a copy of a driving record. Some employers require this during the application process. Getting a copy of your driving record is an easy process. You can access the appropriate agency online as well as in person.

Spanish - Democracy or Fascism?

For over 300 years Spain has claimed Gibraltar back from the British Government. At every opportunity and at all costs, the Spanish Government has tried their luck in getting their hands on the Rock of Gibraltar. In previous referendums Gibraltarians have unequivocally said 'NO' to Gibralt

Monetary Policy of the Federal Reserve

With all the recent talks of the dollar dying and no longer being a dominant currency in the world, I decided to break down the monetary policy of the government. The Monetary Policy of the United States basically means controlling the rate of growth of the money supply, which can alter credit marke

How Would Lincoln Vote in the 2012 Election?

We have come as close to the dissolution of the Union that we have ever been under the Obama Administration, even without a civil war. Lincoln would easily recognize this situation and would vote for anyone, absolutely anyone at all, that would endeavor to hold the nation together. It is here that w

Civil Liberty Facts

Civil liberties are freedoms, enjoyed by citizens, protected by the laws or constitution of that nation or by international convention. Examples of civil liberties are the right to free speech, association, freedom of religion and the press.