How to Find Prescription Drugs Without A Prescription

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Depression & Its Effects on the Family

Depression is a serious illness that can impact work and friendships, but perhaps the most painful impact is the one it has on your family. Letting depression go untreated can have a variety of effects on the ones you love.

Worry Less About The Past and Future

Why worry about yesterday? Why worry about the future? Don't you think that you will be wasting your time and energy when worrying about what happened already or what might happen?

Down Your Body's Fat-Burning Enzymes

went from this 220 pounds whichxtreme/">Garcinia Lean Xtreme is the baby she just couldn't get real about her last pregnancy 10 this Arlene and stunning 126 pounds and best of all she achieved all this ...

How to Use a Rubberband to Stop Negative Thinking

Negative thinking can be toxic in your life. While we all have negative thoughts from time to time, being overly critical can paralyze you and keep you from achieving all that you want in your life. In order to kick the negative thoughts and feelings, you may need multiple approaches. One such way i

Home Remedy for Good Sleep

Stress, bad habits and even worrying about not getting enough sleep can keep you awake into the wee hours. If you struggle to get the shuteye you need but are hesitant to try sleep medications, home remedies can give you the rest you need.

OCD: a type of treatable anxiety disorder

Popularized in comedies such as the TV show Monk, or the movie As Good As It Gets, obsessive compulsive disorder is anything but funny for those who suffer from it. But with psychotherapy and serotoni

Elderly People With Alzheimer's Disease - Symptoms and Treatments

Forgetfulness is an illness of our time. With so many things to think of and remember, our lives are controlled by diaries and high-tech cell phones to help us remember. Forgetting things is also a normal part of growing older and is evident in the aging process. Instances of forgetfulness are not n

The 3 Best Ways Of Treating A Child With Adhd

Before treating a child with ADHD, it is important to understand all your options. This is because certain approaches work better for certain kids. In this article, you'll learn about the ava

An Easy Way to Release Endorphins at Will - Feel Better Naturally!

Would you like to be able to feel good, or relieve pain at any time - without taking harmful drugs? Well you can, thanks to the ability of your own brain to produce endorphins. Read on for more information about how you can tap into this amazing inbuilt pharmacy that we all possess.

How to Stop Smoking in Ohio

Since the Ohio Tobacco Prevention Foundation closed its doors in 2008, many Ohio residents struggle to find the support necessary to stop smoking. The state money used for this program is now spent on resources for jobless residents, which left a void in the smoking community. Most smokers want to q

Four Tips for Treating ADHD Naturally Without Medication

If you are uncomfortable feeding your child prescription medications for managing ADHD, here are some tips to try that don't depend on pharmaceuticals. Often ADHD is triggered by diet and activity levels. Here's some ideas to for controlling negative symptoms of ADHD.

A Unique Vehicle

Talks about your body as a car. Read on for more...

Glossolalia - Speaking in Tongues

Glossolalia is a speech phenomenon associated with Christians. It is known to alter the speech center of the human brain. It is often regarded as a language not easy to understand.

Bipolar I Disorder

Find WebMD's comprehensive coverage of bipolar I disorder, including medical reference, news, pictures, videos, and more.

Why Do I Get So Tired the Week Before My Period?

Each woman's body contains hundreds of different kinds of hormones, and three play a major part during the menstrual cycle. The levels of testosterone, estrogen and progesterone go up and down throughout your cycle, and this has a major effect on how your body functions.

How to Stop Compulsive Skin Picking

Behavioral therapy is known to be very effective to stop compulsive skin biting. As part of the therapy, sufferers are taught to replace the habit with another constructive habit, thereby helping them to get rid of this strange disorder.

Caregiving With More Ease and Better Health - Top 10 Tips

When my husband, Dave was diagnosed with Frontotemporal dementia over 4 years ago, I was desperate to find a manual or a handout on 10 Easy Ways to Live with Dementia. I wanted some sort of game plan or road map on how to manage his dementia; how to deal with the frustrations and disappointments of