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The Dimensions of the Average Ostrich Egg

The ostrich lives on the flat plains of Africa. It's the largest bird in the world and has the world's largest egg. One male ostrich has three to five females in its harem. The females lay the eggs in a communal nest. Each nest contains about a dozen eggs, which take 40 days to hatch. Ostriches used

Wild Flamingo Facts

Flamingos look like delicate tropical birds but are in fact adapted to survive in some of the harshest habitats on Earth. The five species of flamingo are grouped in the same order as the herons and storks but are regarded by scientists as unique enough to have their own family, the Phoenicopteridae

Guide to Meyer's Parrots

The Meyer's parrot is a common pet parrot. It is also known as the brown and Sudan brown parrot. It can live up to 25 years in captivity as well as in the wild in Africa. The parrot is considered a suitable pet because of its charming, playful and inquisitive nature.

Changing A Parrot's Diet

Parrots aren't the pickiest of pets when it comes to food, but once you get them used to a specific diet, youll definitely have a hard time trying to change it, especially if it's a radical change, such as from seeds to fruit, natural to packed food and so forth. So if your pet parrot is h

What Is a Wading Bird?

Wading birds are instantly recognizable, but why? Knowing what makes waders unique can help birders quickly and accurately identify and appreciate all the wading birds they see.

The Usefulness of Parrot Toys

Parrots are something that we all love to have in our homes because they are just such wonderful companions that make out lives better with their cheerful moods and their beautiful looks and soothing presence. More and more people are having their attention drawn by these unique house pets that on t

How Wind Turbines Hurt Birds

Learn how wind turbines hurt birds, but how you can help as a birder and why wind farms can be built with minimal impact on wild birds.

Parakeets as Pets

Parakeets are great pets for families because they love to be around people and love company. They are bright cheerful birds that with patience can be trained to speak.

How to Raise Cornish Roosters & Chickens

Cornish roosters and chickens, otherwise known as Cornish Cross broilers, are a chicken breed developed for meat production. These birds grow quickly and begin to approach butchering weight as early as seven weeks for a bird between 3 and 4 pounds. For a larger roasting bird, closer to 10 pounds, r

Information on a Canary Seed

Also known as annual canary grass, canary seed is similar to flaxseed in appearance and texture. Canary seed is used exclusively in feed blends for wild and domesticated birds.

Bird Watching Basics

There is nothing more relaxing and entertaining than watching some of nature's most beautiful birds in the wild. With so many different species of birds, bird watching can be an enjoyable hob