How to Get Ready for a New Dog or Puppy

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Your Dog's Whiskers

When you look at your dog's face, particularly around his muzzle, under his jaw and above his eyes, you will notice some long relatively thick hairs. The ones around his muzzle look like whiskers. They are sensing organs, and their real name is vibrissae.

Low Carb Dog Food - A Healthier Choice For Your Pet

It is true - how soon we forget.It wasn't that long ago when dogs were regularly fed table scraps which included bits of real meat such as beef and chicken, along with some veggies for good measure.

Mastiff Dog Training - One of the Most Important Things You Can Do

Mastiff dog training is a great idea for any owner of a Mastiff. Now you might not realize just how strong that your little puppy is going to be when they grow up. However, if this is your first Mastiff I can tell you that the little puppy that you just purchased is going to be huge. An example woul

Common Dog Ailments - Causes, Symptoms, and Prevention

Some of the most common dog ailments can be life threatening. This is why vaccination is very important, as most of these ailments are caused by viruses. As a responsible dog owner, you will have to learn what these common dog ailments are along with their symptoms, causes, and the best treatment me

Your Dog's Behavior is Being Destroyed by You - Do You Know Why?

You may be teaching and training your dog to react just the opposite of the way he should, unintentionally, of course. Are you 100% sure that you aren't influencing your dog's behavior in a destructive way, without even knowing it?This will open your eyes, trust me.You need to know this in

Stop Your Dog From Eating His Own Poop

One of the most disgusting things your dog can do is eating his own poop. This behavior is actually known as coprophagy. I think most owners will agree that there's nothing worse than getting kisses from a dog who just finished eating his own waste. So the question is how to solve the problem.

Qualities of the Mini Schnauzer

A Mini Schnauzer is a wonderful household dog that loves to socialize with family members and is very loyal. Owning a Mini Schnauzer requires time to love and bond with your pet. These are high-maintenance dogs that love lots of attention. Due to their size and their devotion, the Mini Schnauzer is

How to Use an English Bulldog Rescue to Adopt a Bulldog

An English Bulldog Rescue Network is the perfect place to adopt your next Bulldog. These rescue centers take in Bulldogs that are strays, who have been left with a veterinarian and sometimes they also come from other animal shelters. People should avoid "shopping" for Bulldogs from pet sto

Dog Worm Types - A Brief Explanation

There are a wide variety of dog worm types and differentiating between them is important in order to treat worms effectively.So to start with, lets clarify that what I am going to talk about here are the various broad groupings of intestinal dog worms, which excludes other "worms" such as

5 Terrier Puppy Training Tips - Make Terrier Puppy Training Easy

Terriers are known for one thing - energy. They have a lot of it and they know how to use it. Terriers can run around all day long and still want to run some more. That energy, especially as puppies, can make Terrier puppy training a bit difficult. However, you can use their energy to help with the

Why You Should Buy a Boxer Dog

Although there are plenty of pets to choose from like fish, birds and cats, dogs are still a quite popular choice. What breeds of dogs are out there?There are the German shepherds, Labradors, Pomerians among many others. One very common household dog is the Dalmatian but would you believe that the b

Liquid Meloxicam for Dogs

Dogs are prone to experience aches and pains, just like humans. Aging can be a contributing factor to some of those aches and pains. Arthritis, a disease that causes inflammation in joints, especially effects aging dogs and causes them significant pain. If your dog has arthritis, you can administer

How to Catch a Runaway Dog

Your dog has gotten out of the yard or house. It can be extremely difficult capturing your dog because most dogs, once they have successfully made an escape, do not want to come back right away. If you immediately step into action and follow the following tips, you will increase the chances of catch

Canine Prostate Symptoms

A dog with prostate cancer may experience pain.Dog image by FaithBuffy from Fotolia.comAlthough prostate cancer is not a frequent problem in dogs, it does occur. Generally, older dogs, intact or neutered, are the ones that are impacted by prostate cancer. When a dog develops prostate...

Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil for Pets

Wild Alaskan salmon oil is used by humans and pets alike. This is because salmon oil contains essential fatty acids which aid the body and mind. While the diet of pets may include these nutrients there are few foods that contain such a high dosage of these fatty acids. Among the most beneficial of t