How Much Does It Cost to Declaw a Cat?

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Cat Parenthood Pictures

Dedicated cat lovers consider our cats as members of our families, and take cat parenting as seriously as parents of human children. Indeed, for some of us, cats are our only children. Our readers share here pictures and stories of their cat "kids," as well as describing how they became ca

How to Make a Ribbon Wand Cat Toy

Most cats love to bat and chase ribbons. Make a ribbon toy for them to play with. The amount of time the ribbon toy lasts depends on the cat. For example, if the cat has claws, it can shred the ribbon quickly. Some cats are rougher than others or like to pull on the ribbons. Playing with your cat wi

2010 Black Cat Picture Gallery: Boris

Black cats have traditionally been associated with Halloween, so we honor black cats with photos during October. Of course, aficionados of these Parlor Panthers adore black cats year-round. If you haven't yet had your fill of black cat photos, feast your eyes on the previous galleries.

Hip Dysplasia

Feline glossary definition of hip dysplasia.

Six Suggestions to Prevent Cats From Scratching Furniture

Cats are known to be "scratchy characters" at times. This article outlines how cat owners can prevent damage to valuable furniture and at the same time respect the feline nature. Further it discusses what methods should be avoided as they are cruel and do more harm than good.

Cat Picture of the Week: Stryder

For several years now, Cats has featured a Cat Picture of the Week, and this year is no exception. Photos are chosen from submittals to any of the *other* picture galleries on this site (most often from the featured gallery of the month). My criteria is the quality of the photo, and the ca

The Best Catnip For Your Feline

Ever wonder what catnip really is? In this article I will explain what catnip is and how it effects your cat.

How to Evaluate a Kitten's Coat for Shedding

Kittens shed off dead hair and replace it with new hair throughout the year. However, a number of factors that contribute to unhealthy skin and coat quality cause excessive shedding. Learning how to evaluate a kitten's coat for shedding is easy and should be done during routine grooming sessions. Be

Veterinary Supplies - How Can I Help My Cat With Hairballs?

Does your cat suffer from hairballs? Hairballs in cats are actually quite common. Cats have many rough projections on their tongues that are called papillae. These papillae are used to help cats groom their fur. While the cat is grooming, it often ingests fur which gets caught in the cat's stom

Cat Mouth Cancer Cures

Treating mouth cancer in cats is difficult and not often successful in the long term. There is no cure, but the earlier the cancer is identified the more likely it is that treatment will be successful. Cancer in your cat's mouth may appear as a raised, red mass. Symptoms may include drooling and lac

Why Do Cats Urinate on Beds?

Are you having problems with your cat peeing on your bed? Cleaning up cat urine can be a difficult job, and many cleaning products don't do anything to get rid of the stain and the smell. If you are looking for reasons why your cat might be urinating on your bed, then please take a few moments

Top 3 Ingredients in Natural Dry Cat Food

All natural cat food is usually chemical freecat image by tnk333 from Fotolia.comNatural pet food is generally free of chemicals, by-products or potentially harmful fillers. Some brands of natural pet food include Flint River, Halo, EVO and Blue Buff, among many others. Natural cat food...

Tidying Up With Tidy Cat Litter

Pets have always grown to become a part of our family, and having one can be fun. For the easiest pets to keep in the house, cats are usually at the top of the list. They do not smell and rarely need a bath - because they do it themselves - and all they do is lounge around and sometimes purr around

Cat Training

Many people believe that cat training is too difficult, and often let their cat's behavior problems continue based solely on this fact. The idea that cats are too hard or too stubborn to train, is just simply not true. They may not be as easy or as willing to comply as dogs might be, but traini

Happy Yowl-O-Ween - Keep Your Cat Safe on Halloween

Different animals require different precautions be taken to ensure their safety on Halloween night. Here are some simple steps you can take to keep your favorite feline safe this Halloween.

Feline Hair Loss & Skin Sores

Cats, just like humans, can suffer from a variety of skin ailments and hair loss. These conditions are generally caused by many of the same environmental factors that affect humans, such as allergies and stress. There are also several conditions that are not caused by the environment, but are inheri

Notoedric Mange in Cats

Notoedric mange, also known as 'feline scabies' is caused by a parasitic mite called Notoedres cati (Reference 1). These mites are related to the same mite that causes sarcoptic mange in dogs (Reference 1). Fortunately, these mites are extremely rare in the United States, with the highest concentrat

How to Groom Your Cat

Cats are capable of cleaning themselves and they definitely hate to be dirty. Being a responsible owner, your cat's cleanliness depends greatly on you. Grooming for pets is very important because it ensure your cat's cleanliness and health. But it doesn't mean that you have to regular

How Do I Take a Kitten on a Bus Trip?

If you'll be taking your kitten with you on a bus trip, the first thing you'll need to do is purchase a secure carrier, such as one made from fiberglass or plastic. The carrier should have a ventilation grille that the kitten can see out of as well as a lockable door. Cat carriers are available for