5 Quick Tips to Dramatically Improve Your Photos in Post Editing

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Important Points about Photobooth in the Philippines

Photobooth in the Philippines are popular especially on parties or any social event. These can make parties more enjoyable as guests flock around to have their pictures taken. As a host, you would want to ...

Digital Cameras and How They Work

Digital cameras come in various sizes, shapes, and specifications and offer a variety of impressive features. Digital cameras are quickly gaining popularity around the globe. Many people already own one and routinely use it for their own pictures. Their use have become part of the culture among many

What Is the Cameraman's Job?

Individuals with a natural ability to create visually appealing images -- and the personality to take orders from others -- may consider a career as a camera person in the film or television industries. Other qualities or characteristics that are helpful for this occupation include patience and the

Digital Photography - The Convenient Technology You Can Get

In digital photography, you shouldn't keep all the photographs you take and then develop them to see what they are going to look like in print. Digital cameras facilitate a particular facility called viewing window that allows the photographer to see the photographs they currently take and then

How to Give Something a Rounded Border

When creating an image on a computer, a page or decoration for your scrapbook, or a wooden plaque to customize and hang in your home, a quick and simple rounding of each corner of the border adds a nice, personal touch, softening the appearance of the object and helping it to fit better into your ov

How to Be a Contemporary Wedding Photographer

What are the elements that make up Contemporary Wedding Photography? Photojournalism or reportage plays a huge part in the story telling element of the wedding. Then with all the details that need to be captured, commercial photography or product still life photography is another skill that is neede

Online Services of Portrait Paintings

Because of the advent of technology and digital photography, the popularity of portrait paintings is also increasing. In fact, there are lots of online stores that offer a fine service for your personal masterpiece.

Make Money With Pet Photography

Pet photography is indeed a way for you to generate some income if you think your pets are cute enough, it is a hobby that you can transform into a booming home business. Lots of people pay a lot of money to have their pets photographed, but not only do you not need to pay anyone you can for fact ma

Parts of Single Lens Reflex Camera

The single-lens reflex camera, better known as an "SLR," has been the standard of commercial and consumer photography for decades. Granted, there are plenty of other camera types, formats and designs. However, the SLR is the fundamental camera design that has been the standard for teaching photograp

How Do I Make a Personal Photo Calender for Free?

A free, personal photo calendar can be made quickly from digital photos using a word processing program or a free downloadable calendar template. With a little more time and ingenuity, a photo calendar can be handmade using recycled materials.

Photo Retouching - Your Unofficial Dermatologist

In the past, the appealing reason as to how photographs were held by society was very much different from today. In the old days, the film system was the standard where photography was actually concerned. However, it has now been replaced with the digital camera system option, as the digital camera

The Objective Pentax 18-55 Lens Review

The Pentax DA 18-55 mm f/ 3.5-5.6 AL zoom or simply known as the Pentax 18-55 lens is a standard focal length lens which has been designed especially for use in Pentax digital SLR system. ...

How to Fake Ghost Pictures

Fool your friends with an extremely convincing ghost photograph! This is very easy to do, and you don't need a Ouija board or photographic skill. If you are a sceptic concerning ghostly phenomenon, fooling believers with your fake ghost photograph may help you prove your point.

How to Crop a Photo to Have Rounded Corners in CS4

Rounded corners on graphics and photographs can give any picture a playful, fun look. In early versions of Photoshop, creating rounded corners used to be tedious and error-prone. But with easy shape layers in Photoshop CS4, you can create rounded corners over any picture in seconds. It takes only kn

How to Soft Proof an Image With Adobe Photoshop

Today I'm going to show you how to soft proof your images through Photoshop. Why is soft proofing important? Simply put, soft proofing your images before having them printed is a great way to simulate how they will appear based on specific printer and paper combination's. In the long run i

How to Take a Good Portrait of Yourself

Photographers take pictures of landscapes, friends, pets and inanimate objects on a regular basis, but these photos never show who's on the other side of the lens. Whether you're a professional shutterbug or the self-ordained family photographer, taking a self-portrait can sometimes be the most chal