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Secular Easter Customs and Observations

Learn about secular Easter customs and traditions. While Easter has a great deal of religious significance, the holiday also has a number of observances that are unique to the time period. Easter parades, egg hunts, gifting, and other traditions are mainstays for this spring-time holiday.

2011 Holiday Gift Ideas

Are you trying to decide what to purchase people for the holidays? It is a common dilemma so many of us face. How can I purchase nice gifts without going over my budget? Whether it is gifts for your children teachers, next door neighbor or loved ones, you can purchase many gifts without spending a f

What Is a Transmutation Circle?

A transmutation circle is believed to help an alchemist focus his energy to change one item into another, such as lead into gold.

Shop Early For Stocking Stuffers

Shopping early for stocking stuffers is just simply a great idea. The Christmas holiday will be upon you before you know it. The closer it gets to the holidays the harder it will be to find great stocking stuffers because the selections become a lot slimmer. So don't wait till the last minute,

Valentine Gift Guide

Many men do not know the types of gifts that are appropriate for Valentine's Day and those that are not appropriate. While every woman is an individual, follow a few rules when it comes to purchasing your sweetheart a gift on the most romantic holiday of the year.

Making Easter as Memorable as Christmas

Somehow or another your mother-in-law always manages to snag the family Christmas celebration as her own, warding off your protests with a nonchalant "oh - you can do Easter" when you know very well that all the glory goes to Christmas.Make her nutty over the details you can pull off at Ea

Homemade Friendship Gifts

Show your appreciation by presenting your friend with a gift he will love.John Slater/Digital Vision/Getty ImagesGiving someone a friendship gift shows that you love, care and appreciate him. If you want to make that gift even more special and personal, consider a homemade gift. It...

Facts About the Olympic Medals

The International Olympic Committee's primary design specifications for the Olympic medals are that the gold medal should contain a minimum of 6 g of pure gold and that the silver medal should have a silver content of at least 92.5 percent. Additionally, the medals must be 60 mm or more in diameter

How to Make a Wire Spider Web

If you're decorating for Halloween or seeking an arachnid-inspired addition to your home decor, creating a spiderweb from wire is a fairly easy project you can make at home. Similarly to how a spider uses its silk to weave, you will use a craft wire to design your own spiderweb. When its finished, d

Unique Executive Gifts

The executive in your workplace probably already has all the coffee mugs and engraved pens that anyone could ever need. So the next time your team gets together to pitch in money for your boss's birthday or holiday gift, suggest something more unique. A special gift will stand out and make an execut

How to Pick a Low Sap Christmas Tree

High amounts of sap in live Christmas trees give these holiday staples their signature aroma. This sticky resin also plagues homeowners with the possibility of stains and cleanups. For holiday revelers with allergies to pine sap, purchasing a live Christmas tree may seem like an impossible task. Cho

How to Make a Family Cookbook

Every family has a treasure trove of recipes that should be preserved for future generations. After all, it's your family's culinary legacy. There's great grandma's yeast rolls, dad's marinade sauce for grilling, mom's Christmas cookies and aunt Pearl's standing rib roast. Put them all together an

Ideas for a Little Girl's Diva Party

Little girls admire the lifestyles of many celebrities---getting pampered, dressing in the latest fashions and strolling down the red carpet. She may desire the fame, fortune and success of many superstar divas. Give your little girl and her party guests the star treatment with a diva-themed birthda

Top Gift Ideas For 2009 For Kids

Christmas is fast approaching and will be here before you know it. Even if you started shopping early there are always last minute gifts to buy if not for your own kids, then for others on your shopping list. Buying gifts for kids can be just as difficult as picking out something for adults.

Tips in Making Holidays More Memorable Through Parties

The holidays comprise of numerous special events in our lives since these are the only days when we can meet our relatives and loved ones. These are rare occasions wherein everyone can have their free time out of work and spend bonding moments with the whole family.

16 Year Old Girl Birthday Cake Themes

Your daughter's 16th birthday is coming up soon, and aside from giving her a celebration she'll never forget, you also want to make sure that the cake is as tasty and decorative as possible. Birthday cakes that reflect your daughter's interest, or even a dessert that gives her a clue to help her gue

Take Precautions to Make Easter Celebrations Safe

If you listed which holidays are considered the most dangerous, it's unlikely that Easter would land very high. You'd probably see the Fourth of July right up there, what with all the exploding fireworks and bottle rockets zipping through the sky.

Birthday Gift Ideas for Girls Age 11

Eleven-year-old girls are tweens, which means that they are at a stage between being a child and being a teenager. Get a personalized item to demonstrate that you love the girl. Appropriate gifts show that the girl is becoming a mature young woman who handles her responsibilities well.

How to Find Cash for Last Minute Christmas Presents

It is not uncommon to spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars for Christmas presents. Even when you think that you are finished with your Christmas shopping, you often remember someone else for whom you should purchase a gift. Your Christmas funds might be fully tapped by the time your realize t