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Information on Salt Water Fish

Setting up a saltwater aquarium can be a great hobby, but it is important to understand the needs of these special creatures. Saltwater fish require special care, and it is important for hobbyists to educate themselves about what those fish need to thrive.

Tips for Cat Fishing in a River

Catch river catfish by following a few helpful hints.Catfish image by Pavol Kmeto from Fotolia.comFishing for big river catfish can be a challenge, but the thrill of reeling in one of those channel-dwelling monsters is worth all the work for most anglers. Following a few basic tips for...

Facts About Animals in Captivity for Entertainment

People keep animals in captivity for a variety of reasons, from scientific study to animal conservation. One of the reasons for keeping animals in captivity is for human entertainment. Magicians, circus trainers and musicians often have animals as part of their acts. Zookeepers keep animals on displ

How to Make a Wooden Gear Cutting Jig Plan for a Clock

The earliest clocks had wooden gears. Many of these clocks run after hundreds of years. Cutting each gear requires care. Each gear requires its own unique jig, or pattern. The diameter of the gear determines the speed of each particular gear. The grooves around the edges of the gear are not the teet

What Are Seashells Used For?

If you love to make your own crafts, sea shells are great to use for projects. They can be purchased inexpensively, or can be found in coastal areas. They are beautiful, durable, come in a variety of looks and can be used for simple crafts or to create challenging show pieces.

The Difference Between Freshwater and Saltwater Rods & Reels

Well-suited and dependable rods and reels are the foundation for successful angling, whether it's saltwater or freshwater fishing. Numerous styles and models of fishing gear can be found in today's market, making it harder to determine which equipment is suitable for the type of fishing you do. Fres

Pennsylvania Trout Fishing Guide

Trout fishing is a popular sport and tourism draw in Pennsylvania. There are many lakes, streams and ponds that hold trout, and they are well-stocked, according to the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission. There were more than 2.5 million fish stocked in 2010 in streams and more than 600,000 trout

Types of Live Fishing Worms

Both fresh and saltwater anglers use various kinds of worms for bait. Live fishing worms secured to a hook have always been successful at attracting fish. Since so many species will ingest a live worm, worms are one of the most frequently employed baits. Children and novice anglers typically start b

Places to Go Fishing in Peterborough, Ontario, Canada

Peterborough makes a convenient base for many fishing expeditions.boy fishing on lake image by Hicster from Fotolia.comHighlighted by Outdoor Canada as one of the "Best Darn Places an Angler Can Call Home," Peterborough has many fishing opportunities to offer. Located in Southern Ontario,...

Fishing on Prince of Wales Island

Prince of Wales Island and surrounding marine waters offer an excellent opportunity for both saltwater and freshwater fishing. The extensive road system provides access to coastal areas, as well as many streams, rivers, and lakes. ...

Places to run in Spring, Texas

Runners enjoy the paved and unpaved trails in Spring, Texas.Jogging image by UFO73370 from Fotolia.comTwo public parks are the main running places in Spring, Texas: Meyer Park and Collins Park. Both places provide great scenic runs on paved or unpaved surfaces. The Gourley Nature Trail...

Mussel Shell Crafts

Mussels are a type of edible, bivalve mollusk that lives in both saltwater and freshwater. They are recognized for their characteristically shiny, black shells. Seafood eaters normally toss these shells in the garbage after a meal, however, the shells could be better used in decorative and functiona

Pros & Cons of Recreational Fisheries

Recreational fisheries provide a natural environment in which anglers, or people who fish for recreation or sport, can practice their hobby. American fisheries are often regulated by federal, state or local authorities, including the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the U.S. Fish and Wildli

Inshore Fishing in Orange Beach, Alabama

Orange Beach, Alabama offers many opportunities for saltwater fishing. The inshore brackish waters, however, offer a unique fishing experience for anglers that want to stay off the open water. Although the fish species vary by season, anglers can fish inshore bays and inlets year-round.

Bait for Trout Fishing in Georgia

Georgia offers anglers opportunities to catch stocked and wild trout. The mountain regions have cold streams and wild trout, and many of the valley areas have stocked ponds and rivers. Some of the trout waters in Georgia have special regulations and allow only artificial flies and lures. Some of the

Anchorage Ice Fishing

Ice fishing is a favorite pastime in Anchorage, Alaska, where it's common to land winter salmon, rainbow trout, Arctic char and northern pike through holes cut in a lake's thick coating of ice.

Fall Fishing at Lake Ontario

Fall fishing on Lake Ontario is the favorite time of year for many fishermen. The big lake's salmon and steelhead are staging for their spawning run. Smallmouth bass move into the shallows and other species go on their pre-winter feeding binge.

Selection Tips For Alaska Halibut Fishing Charter

It is very unlikely to spend your trip in a certain country without even enjoying the activities you could engage to. Most likely, if the boredom strikes, you would be deciding to end up the ...

Pro Bass Tips

Bass fishing is more than a hobby to the many individuals who participate in the activity as a professional outdoor sport. The process of successfully fishing for bass involves learning specific techniques that increase the likelihood of a productive fishing trip. There are a series of...