How to Finance Used Heavy Trucks

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A Few Tips About Convertible Top Glass Repair In Austin Texas

Convertible Top Glass Repair in Austin Texas is a complicated process that needs proper investigation before being done. This article will explain the types of auto glass used in a windshield and what is the ideal procedure for its repair if it gets damaged.

How to Operate a 240 Massey Ferguson Tractor

The Massey Ferguson 240 model tractors are built and distributed by the AGCO Corp. The 240 model tractor is used for farming, industrial, construction and residential purposes. The tractor comes equipped with a 46-horsepower diesel engine and a three-point hitch system. The tractor is designed to op

Canadian Trucking Industry Continues to Struggle

According to numbers emerging from Canada, the nation's transportation industries are seeing upswings in profits following the contractions of the last several years. This coincides with growth experienced by these industries across North America, and is possibly tied to greater changes through

What Is a Parking Boot?

If you are interested in law enforcement or are thinking of traveling, but you are worried about your car's security, or if you are simply interested in the subject, the following article defines one of the most useful security products within the automotive industry, the parking boot. Learn ab

5 Tips For Picking Plastic Bed Liners

Plastic bed liners protect pickups from almost any kind of abuse.The problem is some of the liners can actually damage your truck.It doesn't have to be so if you get the right product.

1992 Chevy Truck Specifications

Jupiterimages/ ImagesThe 1992 Chevrolet C/K 1500 is available with two- or four-wheel drive. The Chevy 1500 also comes with a regular or extended cab. These trims are available with a 6.5-foot bed or an 8-foot bed for added cargo space. Additionally, there are two engines...

Be a Safe Driver with a Heavy Vehicle Driving School

Most of you will agree with me that in this competitive world we could not help thinking at least for once the unbelievable speech of Charles Darwin 'survival of the fittest'. So we try our best to su

Backhoe: A Useful Tool In Construction And Demolition

Backhoe loaders are very common and can be used for a wide variety of tasks like demolition, construction, small demolitions, light transportation of building materials, powering building equipment, digging holes/excavating, landscaping, breaking asphalt, and paving roads.

What To Look For Before You Buy A Used Truck

Used trucks come to the market with all shapes, sizes, promises, and price ranges. The only way to realistically judge the worth of a used vehicle is a complete mechanical inspection--but here, for starters, is one you can conduct yourself.

Information on Ford Truck Brakes

The 2010 and 2011 Ford F-Series trucks incorporate myriad braking and traction functions that work in tandem to keep the truck on the road in adverse weather and traffic conditions. Stability control and brake distribution systems complement the brake system.

Peterbilt Trucks

There's just something about Peterbilt trucks that has virtually every trucker wanting to own one. Peterbilt truck owners are a proud bunch that is dedicated to their trucks.

Importance Of Understanding Operating System Of Crane Trucks For Sale

Avail crane trucks for sale and understand its operating system in order to avoid any kind of mishaps. Once you understand the operating system of the crane truck, you would find it easy to handle the goods as well as truck in a suitable manner keeping in mind the security.

Alabama CDL Test - All You Need to Know to Pass the Alabama CDL

Passing the Alabama CDL Test For anyone currently living in Alabama interested in obtaining their CDL certification through the Alabama CDL test, there are a number of things to consider. First and foremost, you should know that the state has adopted the Federal Commercial Motor Vehicle Safety Act o

How to Increase the Fuel Economy of Your Truck With Common Aftermarket Products

Most American households will have a truck, especially a pick-up truck. The trucks with their open beds do not quite form an aerodynamic structure to aid better fuel economy. Any open space in your vehicle or a high tailgate will always create a drag which will eventually compromise the aerodynamics

How to Make a Transmission Faster

There are all kinds of ways to reduce the time it takes for an automatic transmission to transition from one gear to the next. The simplest involve a few software tweaks, and don't even require that you change out of your favorite slacks. Others require that you pull the transmission oil pan off, wh