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The Amazing Benefits Of Bikram Yoga

Bikram yoga, the hot yoga that has become increasingly popular since the 1970's, was designed by a man name Bikram Choudhury. It is a 90 minute yoga session which involves 26 different positions and 2 breathing exercises.

Bikram Hot Yoga - What Are the Benefits?

Bikram yoga, also referred to as 'hot yoga', is a form of yoga created by living yoga master Bikram Choudhury. Hot yoga is believed to have many healing and restorative benefits such as detoxifying the body and weight loss as well as encouraging a general state of well being.

Scriptured Meditation - A Better Life Awaits You

If you are not happy with the way your life is going right now, there is an answer. If you are not satisfied in all aspects of your life on earth, including your work, family, friends, and other aspects, there is help. You can have the life you always wanted but though you'd never have.

Challenges of Teaching Kids Yoga

There are a number of challenges inherent in teaching kids Yoga. Quite frankly, the challenges could be endless! These challenges could range from protests about stomachaches and sore arms to not having the correct clothing.

How Yoga Retreats Can Help Us?

Through yoga we can meet and get the balance. The word yoga means 'union' in Sanskrit. No other sport or recreational activity that can relax better than yoga.

Meditation Of Yoga

Kundalini Yoga is the original and most powerful of the twenty-two schools of yoga, all of which are beneficial. As our society becomes increasingly technological, our world becomes more intimately connected and influenced by its numerous cultures. If you can practice at the same time each day, you

Developing Your Spiritual Life Through Meditation

There seems to be greater interest these days in the general populous about feeding and nourishing the spiritual side of a person's life. While not always attached to a religious organization, the idea of developing a more spiritual life is starting to take a higher priority for many people the

Exploring the Wonders and Benefits of Yoga

Integral health is the in-thing in the contemporary world of healthcare since the concern is no longer just on the physical and superficial attributes of a person. Wellness exudes from the inside and out hence, mental and emotional health is more than ever given emphasis and utmost importance. In en

Hot Yoga Poses Make You Look Hotter Than Madonna

Want to get fit and lean with Yoga? Then what do you imagine Yoga to be? Yes it's a series of body extensions can be one aspect the other is that is develops the mind when you merge the two it becomes a very complete healthy routine. It is common knowledge yoga poses improves flexibility but so

Can Yoga Help My Back Pain? Part 2

Talk to back pain sufferers who practice yoga and they will tell you how the exercises help and ease back pain as the stretching, toning, strengthening that is going on will help. As you get to know more about your body you will find that STRESS is a great contributor to back pain, with yoga practic

Prevent Wrist Injury With Yoga - Five Simple Poses to Try at Home

Recently, a friend took a spill while rollerblading, and ended up with a broken wrist. I was surprised, because he was a big, strong guy in his early forties, and quite physically active. Falling occasionally happens to almost everyone, more often as we age, and injuries often occur in areas that ar

Hurry Up and Meditate

Hurry up and meditate, I'm thinking as I sit in half-lotus, willing myself to quiet down and connect with the source. Wow, that's really taking things to extremes. How can you meditate in a hurry? Isn't the whole point to SLOW DOWN? Quiet the rushing stream of thoughts and make the wo

Seven Types of Yoga

Traditionally, there are 6 different types of yoga that are practiced around the world. There are seven types of yoga when you include the new form, Bikram. Bikram (Hot Yoga), has been widely commercialized and is extremely popular.

Life Lessons on the Pillow

What would it take to live an evolving, engaged and purposeful life? Some people believe they might be living one now, but most people realize that how they could be living is far from the reality of their life.

Reasons For Doing Daily Yoga Sessions

Yoga has been around since ancient times when people would use it to relax and create good karma around themselves. When most of us think of the practice we often imagine people who contort their bodies into all sorts of positions that the normal human should not even attempt. The truth is that the

Plastic Surgery: Before The Results.

Plastic surgery is more than just a beautification process for some people. It helps severely injured and disfigured folks restore their bodies.