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20-80 Rule For Success - Are You Following It?

If you look at almost any business in America today, you will see this thing called the 20/80 rule of sales. Twenty percent of your customers produce 80 percent of your revenue. Which mean in turn that 80 percent of your customers produce only 20 percent of your revenue. Which further says that 80 p

How to Make the Most of Your Squeeze Page

Yesterday, one of my squeeze pages hit page one of Google. The interesting part was that the page was a only 48 hours old. I created the page on Sunday. It hit page one of Google on Tuesday. Most people think a squeeze page can't be optimized. That's a huge misconception.

Ecommerce Web Hosting Service

When running an online business you need to ensure that you are making use of the fastest and most dependable hosting services. Using an ecommerce web hosting service is a good option because they are designed for online businesses in particular and they should be one of the most reliable services o

SEO Is the Key to Success in Online Business

The success of online business fully depends on the traffic of your website. For that reason your site must be search engine optimizing friendly. In this lesson we will learn conceptually about external link building, dynamic advertisement and SEO copywriting those are helpful to increase web traffi