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The Best 10 Time Management Tips Ever!

Is your inbox raging out of control? Have you dropped the ball on something important recently? Are you priorities piling up faster than you can knock them down? If you think you don't have time to read another article, this is the one you should read. Learn the best 10 strategies for taming yo

The Generosity Of People

It can be all too easy to become a little cynical about people. The media focuses on the negative, we read about crime and war, about the newsworthy items that paint people in a negative light. If eve

Set Your Goals and Reach Them

The first important step to achieving prosperity and happiness in your life is to realize that you hold the key to your destiny. Did you know that you have the innate ability to tap into your intuitive powers? When you do, your vision becomes your goal, and your goals become reality.

One Week Following The Birth

They were a financially poor couple and so they gave the offering set for the poor.They fulfilled their duty.It may have been difficult to scrape together the money for this offering, but visitors were making their way to call on them and one of them was carrying GOLD!

Inner Power

It's time... to take charge of your thoughts - create pure, peaceful, positive, powerful and purposeful thoughts. Whenever you get a moment, go deep inside and 'fill up' the soul. Learn to apply the three dots: I am a soul, God is a soul (no physical image) and put a full stop to your

10 Characteristics of a Motivated Individual

How do you tell that someone is highly motivated? What are some of the signs that you are highly - motivated in your job, tasks allocated to you? What motivates a person is what moves him. It is that thing that they pursue with all their tenacity. They do not "no" for an answer when it com

Happy New Year Questions to Make This Year Your Best Ever

Allow a quiet moment to stop and notice yourself. Take stock of how wonderful you already are.Who you are is more valuable than what you do. Because of who you are, the people who come into your world are touched and changed. Your very presence effects others. Your worth as a person is not based on

Through the Ring of Fire

Life sometimes really sucks. These are the days when you think you might barely be able to make it through without floundering in tub of your own tears and yet by some miracle, you emerge through this chaos. This is what Martha Beck calls in her book, Steering by Starlight, burning through the &apos

Wealth Skills - Number 2 - Walk a Clear Path

The first article of this series focused on identifying the correct road to success for you and learning from another person who has already been where you want to go. Wealth Skill Number 2 shows how a messy life can keep you from getting what you want.

What to Do When You're Not Dating

Here are a few ideas on what to do when you are currently not in a relationship, and how to better prepare for your next one.I also feel that this will help you to be happy, be productive, and feel better about yourself, and the world around you.

Being Blindsided By Life

Those drivers, with their windows slightly cleared are like people who don't have a clear vision of where they want to go in their lives.While they are going in a forward direction, they don't see the hazards coming at them from an angle and so end up being blindsided and thrown off track,