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What Can I Use to Keep My Water-Bed Sheets in Place?

Special water-bed sheets are preferred for use with a water bed. They are larger than regular sheets and are equipped with extra fabric at each corner to help the sheets stay on the mattress. You may be able to modify regular sheets to work with your water-bed mattress, and in some cases modificatio

How to Decorate a French Provincial Dining Room

When you are looking for a dining room decorating style that is practical but with a touch of elegance, you may want to choose a French provincial style. Prevalent in France in the 17th and 18th century, the design refined and simplified the heavy and ornate styles of the previous two centuries in F

How to Prep Trees for Timber Frame Construction

Timber-framed houses have existed for about as long as humans have used wood for construction. Nonetheless, their timeless virtues continue to make them appealing to homeowners and owner-builders. There is a sense of security and strength in a timber-framed house, and the beautiful exposed wood redu

Resolve To Improve That "Problem" Room!

Do you have a room with "issues?" These issues can include an awkward arrangement, too much cutter, lack of organization, outdated style, and just not feeling restful or comfortable. Often it's something you just can't put your finger on, but you just know it's not right.Why

Decorate Your Dorm

If you are living in a dorm room, then you know that it can really be cramped, institutional and sterile. However, if you will take the initiative in making your dorm room a space of your own, then there is a possibility that you can have a comfy space...

Pantry Curtain Design Ideas

Using fabric over a pantry area gives a kitchen real charm. A kitchen pantry space in a beach cottage or vacation house lends itself to curtains with flowers, stripes or artistic designs. The color and pattern can be whimsical, bright or more low-key for an upscale look. Figure out whether you want

Where To Find Modern Designer Furniture

Finding modern designer furniture or modern designer lighting is not something easy. You need to find a shop that that will have the type of furniture you like. If you can not find anything in your country but do find something abroad, you will also have to make sure that the furniture can be delive

How to Attach a Blind to a Drywall Window Frame

Blinds offer an easy and inexpensive way to control light and gain a little privacy. They come in a wide variety of colors and styles to suit almost any decor. Most blinds come with everything needed for standard installation on a wood frame window, but what about windows with frames made of sheetr

Artemis Ceiling Fan by Minka Aire

Ceiling fan is a great addition to your home interior design. Not only does it serve as the main purpose as a cooling system, but it creates an elegant and stylish environment to the room. Choosing the right fan is very important to make sure its compatibility with the surrounding area.

Feng Shui Interior Design Tips

Practitioners of feng shui, the ancient Chinese art of placement, believe that creating an energized, harmonized home environment will invite happiness and prosperity into your life. The goal of feng shui is to infuse each room in your home with positive chi, a natural energy that runs through all t

Home Decor Tips For Major Renovations

Nowadays, one might approve a far better style that reveals the worldwide influences, with wonderful software provided within the web. One might simply get helpful home decor tips that are tried and experienced through regular ...

How to Drain a Water Bed

The one striking disadvantage of owing a water bed is that once you place it in your room, it's there to stay. If you're one of those decorators who constantly likes to shuffle furniture, a water bed is not for you. However, just because it's difficult to move, it doesn't mean you have to give up o